1070 Ti vs 1080 Ti Review

In recent years, new GPU’s have been released. But the increasement in prize make users wonder if its worth it to upgrade from one graphic card to another. We bring a comparison between the 1070 TI vs 1080 TI to decide which one its more worth it at its given price.

Considering how new games are released, graphics are really important. Thing is, most GPU’s can run new games at lower settings. Some claim that one should upgrade GPU’s every 2 to 4 years since you can play new games reducing a little their settings. That is in fact true, since I played lots of new games in 2012 using a really old graphic card. But for those wanting to squeeze new games as hard as possible, constantly upgrading their graphic cards seems to be a usual thing.

But when we talk about the 1070 TI vs the 1080 TI, oh boy… The gap in prices were widened for quite some extent. The release price of the 1070 TI was $360, but the release price of the 1080 went up to $808! That’s one hell of a difference when we talk about price per performance ratio.

Let’s be honest here… The difference in price is not worth it. Why, you may ask? That’s because the difference in performance between both graphic cards is not that big considering how expensive the 1080 TI is. Yes, the 1080 TI has 11GB GDDR5X video ram in comparison to the 1070 TI which has 8GB GDDR5 video ram, but is the difference that big? No.

If we talk about difference in performance using FPS at 1080p, the 1080 TI GPU goes up to 176.1 FPS and the 1070 TI goes up to 144.4 FPS.

Not that big of a difference considering that you’ll have to pay $500 more to get the 1080 TI instead of the 1070 TI.

According to many users online, the best decision you can take is buying the 1070 TI and wait for a better fitting replacement which will definitely make a bigger difference in performance. Of course, if you can afford the 1080 TI, go for it! But if you have some other things to deal like cooling system, RAM, hard drive or a gift for Christmas, go for the 1070 TI.

If we talk about games, the 1080 TI is around 5% better and faster than the 1070 TI. As we said already, not that big of a difference. In fact, if you over clock the 1070 TI you’ll get the same performance as the 1080 TI. Some consider that it would be better to buy a 980 TI instead, which is cheaper and slightly outperforms the 1070 TI in some features (while being far older)

In a list ranking the price per performance ratio between many graphic cards, the 1070 TI is placed at the 8th place when the 1080 TI is placed far, far away, at the 16th place. Big of a difference, right?

Of course, it all comes to which one fits your needs the most. You can always research more online to make a decision, but $500 is quite some money to spent.