1070 Ti vs 2070 Review

The GTX 1070 TI and the RTX 2070 are pretty similar GPUs with some slight differences that can decide which one is better depending on your needs. Thus, we bring a fair review, the 1070 TI vs 2070 comparison.

Let’s begin with releasing dates. The GTX 1070 TI was released in November 2, 2017. The RTX 2070 was released this year, on October 17.

Overall, the RTX 2070 should be a better graphic card. It has better properties and it apparently has 8GB GDDR6 of video ram. The same ram of the GTX 1070 TI only that the latest one has GDDR5. When it comes to its features, the 2070 outperforms the 1070 TI, yet, when it comes to gaming… The difference is not that big.

Prices vary, though. The 2070 is more expensive than the 1070. You can find the RTX 2070 at $550 while you can find the 1070 at $360. If you can afford the difference in prices without feeling like you are wasting your money in a little difference in performance, many would recommend you to buy the RTX 2070. But we know many gamers out there (if not the vast majority) can’t afford what they want that easily so research is needed.

Let’s make a little comparison in some of their features.

The GPU’s architecture of the 2070 is Turing, while 1070 has Pascal. The acceleration frequency of the 2070 is 1710 MHz and the 1070 has 1683 MHz, the first one has 8GB GDDR 6 of video ram and the latest one has 8GB GDDR 5 of video ram. The 2070 has a memory frequency of 14 Gbps and the 1070 has 8 Gbps. Also, the 2070 has lower temperatures than the 1070 TI and they both require almost the same amount of power supply. They both run DirectX 12, but the 2070 has a better shader model and Open GL.

In summary, the 2070 is 15% faster than the 1070 TI. At FPS in Games, according to benchmarks and users outline, the 2070 outperforms the 1070 TI by 25%, but this percentage is reduced depending heavily in the game.

When playing at 1080p, both graphic cards performances are near perfect. Above that, the differences are really small. No big deal.

Now, comparing the FPS ratio when playing newer games, it goes like this:

While playing The Witcher III with the RTX 2070 one can expect 116.6 FPS Running it with the GTX 1070 TI one can expect 87 FPS.

But this FPS ratio depends on the game, since playing Assassins Creed: Origins with the RTX 2070 one gets 8.6 FPS while the other one gets 72.4 FPS. Not that big of a difference, either.

People claimed that the true strength of the RTX 2070 can’t be decided yet since there are no games out there running that could take the expected advantage of the RTX system.

In summary, the RTX 2070 slightly outperforms the GTX 1070 TI, but considering the price gap between these two, the GTX 1070 TI is preferred by more users among the gamer community.