980 Ti vs 1060 Review

When it comes to comparing these two graphic cards, we have to consider a lot of things, taking in mind the users’ recommendations and benchmarks out there. But today we bring a 980 TI vs 1060 review.

Firstly, the GTX 980 TI is acclaimed by many users online. Although it was released on 2015, the graphic card was used for about two years later until people started to update to the 1080 graphic cards. Still, even some decided to keep on their 980 TI for a little longer since the differences weren’t that big for the incredible mount of money you had to pay to update from one generation to another. Released one year later, the 1060 series had little to no improvement in performance compared to the GTX 980 TI, BUT this was when the graphic card was just released. As drivers started to pop out and optimization went on and on, the gap between both graphic cards became tinier.

If you research a little, people recommend buying the GTX 980 TI only if you find it cheaper than the regular price found online for news GTX 980 TI since the price is kind of expensive compared to the 1060. The regular price for the 1060 is about $300, and $500 for a new 980 TI. If you can find a used 980 TI for $350-$400, many recommend going for the 980 TI since its performance surpasses that of the 1060 for about 10%, but you have to consider this:

  • Mining used to be a boom long time ago and most used graphic cards were used to mine cryptocurrencies. Mining is a complicated process, but summarizing it: It kills your graphic cards. Used 980 TI might have been used to mine, and this means that they might have short life-spawn left or, even worse, be damaged.
  • The 980 TI requires almost double the power supply the 1060 needs to work properly. This means that you will have to have a better power supplier for the 980 TI if you want to prolong its life spawn.

When it comes to performance, many games run better in the 980 TI but the difference is not that overwhelming. When we talk about newer games, the optimization of the 1060 makes it better. Also, people claim that, if you are thinking on playing at 1080p only, you should go for a new 1060 since its cheaper than the 980 TI and fits perfectly. A new 980 TI is more expensive, so you will have to find a deal in regards of this.

The memory standards between the two of is 6GB RAM. For the 980 TI, 7000MHz memory speed, and the 1060 has 8000MHz. The 1060 has a better Pixel and Texel rates and better shade unifiers. Both bus types are GDDR5. In terms of watts, the 1060 requires 120 watts and the 980 TI requires 250 watts.

Now, in short: Get a new 1060 if you can’t find a nice deal to buy a 980TI. You will save some money which you can use for other pieces or buy a nice game or save for a new generation. The performance differences are not that big of a deal to make a fuss over which one to get. Just decide by yourself considering your own circumstances.