980 Ti vs 1070 Ti Review

When we talk about graphic cards, we enter a rather complicated realm. Which graphic card is better than which one is a rather debatable topic. There are many factors to consider, yet, today, we bring a 980 ti vs 1070 ti review. In this post we are going to compare several features in each GPU and let you decide which one is more worth it at its given price.

But let’s go in order. First, a little history class. The GTX 980 TI was released in June 2, 2015. This one is older than the GTX 1070 TI for two years, since the last one mentioned was released on November 2 of 2017.

Considering that newer GPU’s tend to be easier to re-sell (in case you want to update to a newer graphic card), the GTX 1070 TI wins in this regard. Also, take in mind that newer GPU’s are optimized for newer games. Remember that the better the optimization is, the better the performance in some cases.

Also, one of the reasons why people recommend buying the GTX 1070 TI is because is way cheaper than the GTX 980 TI. The release prize of the first one was $399, when the release prize of the GTX 980 TI was $649.

The core frequency and boost frequency of the GTX 980 TI was 1607MHz and 1683 MHz, respectively. The GTX 1070 TI has 1000MHz and 1025 MHz, in the same order. It is also recommended to have a 600 wats power supply for the 1070 TI and the GTX 980 TI.

Now, the GTX980 TI has 8GB RAM GDDR5, and the GTX1070 TI has 6GB RAM GDDR5. This means that the GTX980 TI has more graphic potential than the GTX1070 TI, but the differences are not that big to make a fuss over it. You can play games with the same performance when it comes to both graphic cards. You probably won’t notice any differences between the two of them.

Both of them have the same screen connectors, including: 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 3x display port. They are bot compatible with DirectX 12, too.

In performance tests, the GTX 1070 had a 57%, and the GTX 980 had 53%. The GTX 1070 had better FPS rates overall, and better performance with newer games. Of course, some games were better running with the GTX 980 considering the gap of ram. Also, the GTX 1070 had more temperatures than the other one.

Talking about users’ preference and recommendations, if would be wiser to buy a GTX 1070 TI considering the wide gap in prizes. The GTX 980 TI is way more expensive if bought new. If you are thinking in buying one of these two, the GTX 1070 TI is the best choice if you want to save some money, enjoy a nice GPU and are considering selling it in the long term to buy another GPU or something else.

THE GTX 980 TI would be nicer, only if bought for cheaper, around $300 – $380. If not, go for the GTX 1070 TI.