980m vs 1050 Ti Review

As many people wondered which one would be better between the 980 TI and the 1050 TI, of course there’s people wanting a 980m vs 1050 TI to know which one is better. As always, we are going to take many different factors and compare benchmarks and comments online to decide which one fits your needs the most.

Consider that the 980m was released on 2014, and the 980 TI was released one year later. The 1050 TI was released in 2016, two years later than the 980m, which is a graphic card for laptops. Now, when it comes to performance between the 980m and the 980 TI, there’s a slight difference with the 980 TI outperforming the 980m, performing a 10% better.

Many people online have claimed that the 980 series outperforms the 1000 series up to the 1060 TI, which is the most similar one when it comes to performance.

Meaning that the 980m does it slightly better than the 1050 TI. Of course, the difference isn’t that big to make a fuss over it. It goes around 10 to 15% better performance.

Now, let’s talk about which one does better in some areas:

  • The 980m has a better texture detail and much faster rendering than the 1050 TI.
  • When overclocked, the 980m outperforms the 1050 TI with its peak texture detail and multi rendering.
  • The 980m has better FPS overall.

Prizes between the 980 and the 1000 series tend to be far different since the 980 series is usually more expensive. When it comes to the 980m they go up to $600 when the 1050 is only $115. Maybe you could find the 980m for cheap when buying a laptop, but of course, the fact that they are more expensive remains.

If you compare the gap of performance between these two, they are not so far away. If you feel like the price gap compared to the difference in performance is not that big, buying a 1050 TI is recommended. Also, you can re-sell the 1050 TI to upgrade to a new generation and save some money for new parts.

But, decide after comparing the FPS differences. This comparison will be featuring games released in 2016 at 1080p (high settings) only.

When playing Dishonored 2 at, the 980m runs it at 46.1 FPS and the 1050 TI goes up to 47 FPS.

When playing Battlefield 1, the gap is wider. The 980m runs it at 77.4 FPS and the 1050 TI runs it at 56.7 FPS.

The same happens if you want to play Overwatch (famous online firs person shooter game by blizzard), with the 980m running it at 139.7 FPS and the 1050 TI running it at 117 FPS.

When playing DOOM, a very fast paced game with lots of action, the 1050 TI outperforms the 980m running it at 68.7 FPS, and the 980m running it at 57 FPS.

IF we talk about Witcher III, an open world game known for how big the map is, both graphic cards runs it not that very well. The 980m going for 33 FPS and the 1050 TI going around 26 FPS.