980m vs 1060m Laptop Review

When it comes to discussing between the 980 TI and the 1060 TI, both desktop GPU’s, the discussion tends to be kind of difficult to manage since both graphic cards are amazing. But what the mobile versions of both? Thinking about this, today we bring the 980m vs 1060m laptop review. Consider that both mobile GPU’s are outperformed by their desktop version for a 10 to 15% better performance.

Firstly, let’s talk about both GPU’s release date. The 980m was released on July 10 of 2014, and it uses the Maxwell architecture with 8GB video ram GDDR5, 1 GHz clock speed. The 1060m was released two years later, on August 18 of 2016. It has 6GB video ram GDDR5 and 1.5 GHz clock speed, 50% more than the 980m. They both run DirectX 12 yet the 1060m is considered to be faster overall, about 10 to 30% depending on the pc.

But to review both GPU’s and decided which one fits your needs the most, speed is not the only thing to consider.

According to users online, prices of a gamer laptop with the 1060m version is actually a standard version of the 1060 TI, which has a lower performance. The differences between the 980m and the 1060m are not that big, so the important thing to consider is price: which laptop is better at its given price is what you have to consider when deciding which GPU, you’ll be using.

If you consider the differences in FPS in many games, you’ll probably notice changes between both.

If you are thinking on using the laptop to play standard, simple games which don’t require that much gear to be played properly, getting the cheaper one would be a wise thing to do. It all comes down to what you are expecting to get from the both graphic cards.

Consider that each graphic card is at least 2 years old. Although you may play newer games require more geared pcs. You may be able to play them yet you won’t squeeze them as hard as you may. Although the 980m is 4 years old, the 980 series were recognized as one of the bests for a long time. The 980 TI is only outperformed by the 1070 TI, which was released on 2017, only outperforming the 980 TI for about 15%.

This means that the 980m still has its place as a graphic card and the 1060m can still work, yet, consider that some of the newer games will require more specs to run properly. Still, these graphic cards have some pretty nice performance in 2018 games.

Playing Battlefield V at 1080p on high settings with the 1060m you’ll get around 81.7 FPS, and 68.1 FPS when playing with the 980m

For one of the most famous game out there right now, Fornite, you’ll get (At 1080p on high settings) around 91.5 FPS with the 1060m and 85.9 FPS with the 980m.

Differences between FPS are not that wide if you consider the fact that they were released 2 years in difference. If you decided for the 980m, you’ll be fine with most games playing at 1080p with high settings, yet you’ll have to reduce it for a bit for some heavier games such as The Witcher III or other games.