Can I Lose Weight by Not Eating?

Many of us simply want to drop the pounds and are wondering can I lose weight by not eating? This question is not so black and white because yes you can lose weight by not eating. This is because you are burning more calories than you are eating but once you start eating the likelihood that the weight returns are quite likely.


Fasting is very well known because it is an old-age practice that has often been done for religious reasons. However, fasting for weight loss is still capturing the eyes of those who are wanting to lose weight quickly.

Fasting is eating little to no food that will result in weight loss. This is usually short term but the risks of simply not eating are far more significant than any benefits. Fasting can cause more harm than good.

Fasting Plans

There are many regimens for fasting and you can find them everywhere on the internet. However, the basic diet of a fast is simply only drinking water, juice, or even a laxative concoction. Very few fasting plans allow a few solid foods but the calorie intake is still so low that it is considered a fast.

Not all fasts are the same. Some fasts are perfectly safe while others are used for religious purposes, not weight loss. Medical fasts are supervised by your doctor and are considered safe. Religious and cultural fasts are typically done as a devotion to their belief. These fasts can last for 48 hours. However, these types of fasts are intended solely for religious purposes not to lose weight.

Fasting for a day or two is unlikely to be dangerous for healthy adults. However, those who are elderly, have chronic diseases, pregnant women, and children are at risk if they fast. In fact, fasting is completely advised against for this group of people.


The real danger with fasting is those who fast for a long period of time. Anything over three days is considered a prolonged period of time.

When a person dramatically reduces their calorie intake, they will lose weight. However, this can cause a list of health problems. This could include muscle loss. Also, you should note that when you are not eating your body goes into what is called a conservation mode. This will mean you are burning calories slower than if you were eating.

Plus, the initial weight loss in any fast is usually fluids or water weight. This is not fat and when you go back to eating any of the weight you have lose will usually return back. Not only do you gain back the weight you lost most people actually gain a few extra pounds because the metabolism has slowed down. Lastly, all the weight that has been gained back is likely to be fat rather than the water weight you have lost. Plus, to regain any muscle loss you would have to hit the weights at the gym.