Can You Lose Weight by Just Eating Healthy?

Many of us want to lose a few pounds but exercising is not one thing we look forward to, so, can you lose weight just by eating healthy? Yes, eating healthier does many things to your body including losing weight. If you cut out junk food, soda, and fast food you are going to drop pounds. Depending on how much of this stuff you eat you could lose up to twenty pounds or more just by simply eating healthier.

Healthy Foods

Many people, especially Americans, are eating fast food more than once a week. Not only are they eating fast food their homes are loaded with sweets, salty foods, and processed foods. Cutting these foods out could make a significant change for your body.

You are going to want to go for fresh fruits and vegetables. These will help you a lot more than a bag of potato chips. Instead of eating margarine, eat real butter. Real butter may have more calories but it has less of the unhealthy fats that store in your body as extra pounds. It is simple to change your diet but it can be hard for some people.


Losing weight is all about calories. You need to be in a caloric deficit to lose any weight. A caloric deficit is when you are burning more calories than you are taking in. To lose weight without exercise and just eating healthy is possible but you are going to somehow need to get into that caloric deficit. To achieve this, you are going to want to eat the healthy foods but avoid large portions.

Portion control is a key part in any weight loss goal. Losing weight is not easy. You may feel hungry in the middle of the day. This is when you would normally reach for that bag of potato chips, however, reach for some fresh fruits or vegetables. This is going to help you eliminate empty carbohydrates.

Empty carbohydrates are those located in sweets, junk foods, and fast foods. Have you ever noticed feeling tired or drowsy after eating these types of foods? This is because these carbohydrates provide no real nutritional value to your body. In return these are usually stored as fat or burned off very quickly leaving you hungry again. Fruits and vegetables have carbohydrates that the body uses efficiently. These carbohydrates are full of nutrients that your body needs. These carbohydrates fuel the body instead of making it tired and drained.


We all know that red meats are not as healthy for us and contain more fat than others. If you are wanting to eat healthier it is recommended to avoid fatty meats. Meats that would be good for you to eat would include chicken, turkey, and even tofu. These meats are lean and provide little fat to the body. White meats are better than red meats. However, if you are eating chicken you are not going to be eating fried chicken. Breading is considered junk and empty carbohydrates. Simply, opt out for a grilled chicken breast instead of wings.