Can you Lose Weight on Mirena?

Mirena (Also known as Mirena IUD, or Intrauterine Device), is a devised used to control birth. But often, women have complained about weigh gaining and having a hard time to lose it, thus: can you lose weight on Mirena?

The answer to this question will vary heavily on each individual. Researching through some forums where woman talk about Mirena’s side effects, there are quite a lot talking about how they indeed gained some pounds after its usage. Not only that, but loosing it became barely impossible for them.

Some even have claimed that after removing Mirena, loosing weight became quite easy, even without any effort.

Of course, there’s some that said that Mirena had no effects in their weight, but the number of women claiming the opposite is alarming.

In order to decide whether you can lose weight on Mirena or not is up to you and your own body, since, as explained, it will heavily depend on each individual.

Still, it would come in handy to talk a little about Mirena, its purpose and the way some women dealt with it.

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How it works.

Mirena is a small intrauterine device shaped like a T. It releases hormones and avoids sperm reaching your ovaries. It also thins your uterine lining and prevents sperm from entering the uterus by thickening the cervical mucus. It can be used up to 5 years after installment and can be removed whenever you want.

Its installment and removal will have to be done by a specialist, though. Placement of Mirena will only take a few minutes, and the comes with a usual experience of pain, discomfort, bleeding and dizziness after the process has been completed, but it will only last for about 30 minutes. If the symptoms continue, Mirena may have been misplaced and will have to be repositioned.

It is proven that Mirena works 99% of the time, and its usage is quite simple and comfortable. Still, women have said that side effects come after its placement.

Some of the known side effects include (take in mind that this depends on the person. Some have been through them and some not):

  • Missing periods.
  • Back, abdominal and pelvic pain.
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Reduced libido
  • Changed in mood
  • And of course, weight gain!

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We don’t mean to be annoying, but remember, this differs heavily within each individual! You may (or not) suffer these side effects after the procedure has been completed!

Also, in regards of the weight gain and loss, some women have claimed that no matter how much they exercised, dieted or changed life-style habits, they couldn’t lose the gained weight. Some have said that this may be due to a low intake of calories which leads to your body turning into high absorption mode, meaning that it absorbs more calories than it should.

It is recommended (if weight gain happens) to try different things before reaching a conclusion. Maybe hiring a nutritionist would be the key, but don’t be too disappointed if doesn’t work, since some women have tried it out without results, and said that after removing Mirena, loosing weight was the smoothest thing to do!

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