Do Hernia Belts Work?

If you need an answer to the question do hernia belts work? read the complete article. Hernia is a very uncomfortable and painful condition and is one among the very common conditions too. The hernia belts are new introductions to deal with the conditions. Hernia belt or the truss is a garment that looks like a wrap and is designed in such a way for applying persistent pressure on hernia. The major aim of it is the prevention of hernia from popping out. The hernia belt is very helpful in ensuring that the hernia is retraced back in body with the blocking of the orifice. It is not considered as a permanent solution for the condition.

What is Hernia?

Hernia is a condition that usually is found between the chest and the hips. It is accompanied with few symptoms and one may find a lump or swelling in the groin or tummy in this condition. The lump may disappear when one lies down and reappears when one strains or has a cough.

Types of Hernia

Hernia usually appear in different forms and some of the most common types of it are

  • Inguinal hernias: It is the condition when a part of the bowel or the fatty tissue pokes through the groin at the top portion of the inner thigh It is a very common kind of hernia and it is seen mostly among men.
  • Femoral Hernias: It is the type of hernia which has almost similar characteristics like inguinal hernias. It is found mostly among the women.
  • Umbilical Hernias: This is the condition where the fatty tissue or the part of the bowel is poked through the abdomen near the belly button. It is the condition seen mostly in babies if the opening in the abdomen where the umbilical cord passes is not sealed properly after the birth. Adults can also be affected by this condition.
  • Hiatus Hernias: It is the condition where a part of the stomach pushes to the chest and squeezes open through the diaphragm. It is a condition that usually does not accompany with any symptoms. However, some may have heartburn.

How a Hernia Belt Works?

The hernia belts or the trusses are used for dealing with the discomfort that anyone with hernia goes through. It helps in alleviating pain. It is also necessary to take the necessary caution to ensure that use of trusses does not make the condition worst. If the hernia belt is used for a prolonged time period then it may result in protrusion to get even worst due to the continuous pressure on the area. It is used as the method to handle the pain and other forms of discomfort until the surgery gets scheduled.

Permanent Solution for Hernia

Hernias can be fixed permanently only through surgery. One can choose to have an open surgery or a keyhole surgery for fixing this issue. Consult a surgeon, who would analyze the condition and suggest the best solution.

Using Hernia belt should not be considered as the permanent solution but only the means to temporarily deal with the pain and the discomfort due to hernia.