Do Honey Jar Spells Work?

A recent social trend in the form of honey jar spells have made more and more start to ask themselves, “do honey jar spells work?”, mostly because they feel that if it does indeed work, they can use it to their advantage.

But what exactly are honey jar spells?

What is a Honey Jar Spell?

Honey Jar spells are what’s considered by many as sweetener spells. Their purpose, as the name suggests, is to make people act sweeter towards you. Or, basically, towards anyone you choose, or even, anything.

The main ingredient of the honey jar spell is honey. However, herbs and other mineral curios are added to the jar for maximum effect. Some even burn candles on top, in addition to other conjure oils, in hopes of improving the chances that the honey jar spell will actually work.

Commonly used in Hoodoo magic, Honey Jar Spells are one of the most commonly used spells in love magic, mostly because of its versatility and the fact that it can be customized depending on the spell caster’s needs and wants.

How Do Honey Jar Spells Work?

Basically, jar spells work by using small glass jars with tight sealing lids that are said to “seal” your spell. For a honey jar spell, the main ingredient is, of course, honey, as the name suggests. The purpose of the honey is to sweeten a particular person’s disposition towards something. Whether towards who or what is completely up to you.

Afterwards, you fill the jar with other ingredients, all of which are said to represent how the spell is going to affect the person you’re going to cast it on. For example, you can use hair or anything that belongs to the said person. You can also use money, if you want to attract money. Other stuff such as herbs, stones, curios, personal affects, and oils can also be used as well.

Once all of the ingredients are inside, a written petition is required to complete the spell, and finally, a prepared candle.

It is said that for the car to work, you first have to truly believe that it is true and trust that it will indeed work. You must be clear in your intent. As you complete the jar, you talk to the spirits and the Deities that you want to help you with whatever it is that you want to accomplish. You talk to them as if you were talking to another person, explaining what the spell you’re trying to cast is for and what you want to happen.

Do Honey Jar Spells Work?

It isn’t an exact science. Some believe that they do, some believe that they don’t, and each side has explanations for what they believe in.

If you do decide to give honey jar spells a try, however, make sure that you go in without any kind of hesitation. Although there will be those who will tell you that honey jars do not work, don’t believe them. Do your research, follow the procedures, and trust that it will work.

If it does work and you get exactly what you want, good for you. If not, then at least you learned something new.