Do Sauna Suits Work?

Many of us have heard of sauna suits being used during exercise, but the question is do sauna suits work? The answer is no but there are some benefits to the suit. There are many claims behind the sauna suit and what it is supposed to do. Sauna suits claim that they are going to help you lose weight faster, burn more calories, and achieve your goal faster. Is this true or is it simply a scam to purchase something that could be harming you more than helping you?

Do Sauna Suits Burn Fat?

Sauna suits are claimed to help you burn more of that stubborn belly fat, however, is this really the case? Many people turn to sauna suits as a quick weight-loss solution without knowing what it actually does to the body. Sauna suits are particularly designed to raise body temperature to make you sweat more during a workout. You may weigh less at the end of a workout but it is not fat loss at all, it is all water weight that has been lost.

Do Sauna Suits Burn Calories?

The sauna suit helps you burn more calories because your heart rate is increased and you are sweating more. You can burn up to 1000 extra calories per month by wearing this sauna suit. However, sauna suits do not actually increase your burned calories by that much of an amount for it to make a significant change in your weight loss.

Hazards of Sauna Suits

While sauna suits may help you burn a little more calories, they are not a significant part of weight loss. There is way more hazards to your health with sauna suits than benefits.

A sauna suit forces your body to shed water. This is an extremely negative effect for your health. Water loss leads to dehydration. In severe cases dehydration can be fatal. Also, the weight that you lose in a sauna suit is mostly water. So, when you re hydrate yourself, most, if not all of the weight will return.

Sauna suits are designed to retain body heat. Your body however, is designed to cool itself. By not allowing your body to do what it naturally is supposed to do could cause overheating which could be extremely dangerous for your health. Heat stroke is a common problem that occurs when you are wearing a sauna suit and you are not allowing the body to do what it is supposed to do.

Not only does the suit cause heat stroke when the body is not allowed to cool down, it could also cause issues with your kidneys. Your kidneys play a vital role in filtering out the bad and keeping in the good for your body.

Scientific Studies

All the scientific studies that have been performed are controlled. All participants only did light to moderate activity. There are no studies that are done with intense workouts. Participants were all in a non-heated environment. Scientists claim that the sauna suit can be used for workouts but it is best that you do not do high intensity as this could cause hyperthermia (overheating of the body).