Do Saunas Help Hangovers?

If you are thinking about the question do saunas help hangovers, then here is the article for you.

Everyone has that kind of nights when one glass of champagne or wine has turned into a bottle whose consequence is faced in the form of those throbbing headaches and feelings of uneasiness the nest day. And then you tell yourself that you would never drink in the same manner again. But given all the circumstances, such things do happen again and again and then you just want to get rid of those intense hangovers whenever it happens. Some people prefer just taking rest, taking medicines while some of them opt for the sauna to detoxify after a bit of drinking. But there are many things that you need to know before always choosing it as a sure shot way of relieving the hangover.

Insight into the sauna as a remedy

The best way to detoxify is through sweating out all the toxins as per some of the people. But sauna can also cause dehydration which is a major concern for most of the people. So it all depends on when the sauna should be used to get relief from a hangover. Timing is an important thing to take into consideration over here. For this reason, it becomes necessary to define the peculiar symptoms of the hangover which includes a headache, nausea, lethargy, uneasiness, sensitivity to light and noise, diarrhea and thirsty feeling. There are other psychological and cognitive symptoms too which include heightened feelings of anxiety and at times depression.

Comprehending the thumb rule

As the symptoms vary in kind and degree very vividly for the hangover after binge drinking, there is no particular defined time after which sauna should be chosen. So the rule of thumb here states that you should go for sauna only if you feel like exercising or feel a little bit of energy to hit the gym during that stage. It is advisable to first opt for other remedies like water, sleep, food and aspirin after a waking hangover. The sauna should be chosen once you feel a bit relaxed later in the afternoon or the evening.

Some useful features of sauna

Sauna has a lot of characteristics which can prove to be an effective remedy for the cure of a hangover. The ambiance and setting of the place along with the dimmed lightening plays an important role in this. A music with therapeutic and calming properties is an add-on to this whole setup of the sauna which also plays a major role in giving relief to the hangover of the person. Having water at regular intervals in between the session will help you in staying hydrating throughout the sauna experience. In addition to all these factors, sauna provides additional benefits to the post-hangover activity through stimulation of food intake and relieving of stress and anxiety. Ultimately, it will help you in going into a deep slumber after profusely sweating out for a while.

So if given a thought, a sauna can be considered as a good remedy for those with a sharp hangover after a loud night.