Do You Lose Weight on Your Period?

Many of us women want to know, do you lose weight on your period in 2018? I mean for us it usually happens about once a month and can be hectic. However, if we are losing weight it may be worth it to endure, or at least make it a little better. However, you do not lose weight while on your period. In fact, you may actually gain about five pounds a week before your period and then by the start of your period will be back to your normal weight.

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Even though you have been exercising and eating healthy this will still affect you. One day you go to weigh yourself and suddenly you are five pounds heavier than the week before. Do not let this discourage you. This weight is merely water weight before your period. According to Raquel Dardik, M.D. gynecologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, weight gain happens about five days before your period but you will be back to your normal weight once you start.

Pre-period water weight has a range. You can gain a mere half a pound to up to ten pounds. However, it is usually around five pounds for most women. Why does this happen? Progesterone, a hormone essential in the early stages of pregnancy, is the one to blame. When there is no baby, which is why you get your period, these levels fall. As a side effect of the falling numbers, your cells in the body retain extra microscopic drops of water.

While this doesn’t lead to weight change, the bloating caused by gas can defiantly make you feel a size or two bigger.

You can figure out how much weight gain is actually to blame on your period but it is actually better not to focus on numbers. Instead, you should maintain a healthy scale schedule to keep yourself in check with your weight. Weigh yourself only once a week. This should be on the same day at the same time using the same scale. It is important not to overdo it because weight does fluctuate and it quite common. It depends how much water you consumed that day and how much food you ate. If you ate before you weighed yourself. There are a lot of factors that could contribute to fluctuations.

Combating the Side Effects

You should combat the side effects of your period the way you would with any other bulge, exercise. You should actually drink a lot of water to help you rid yourself of water retention. Avoiding fatty foods, alcohol, and salt will help you in your journey. These foods actually trigger your body to hold onto water.

What about that weight that doesn’t disappear after your period? This is the weight that could be from those pre-period cravings. Craving and eating salty, greasy foods, and sweets cause you to actually gain weight that will not come off after a period. So, before you go for that cheeseburger thing about whether or not you want to carry more weight after your period.

Moral of the story: check your weight but don’t let it control your emotions. Do not get paranoid about it.