Does 711 Have MoneyGram?

We’re here to answer the question, “Does 711 have MoneyGram?”

Widely considered as one of the best money-transfer companies in the international money transfer business, arguably just right next to Western Union, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are using MoneyGram to send money abroad.

And, you’d be glad to know that, yes, 711 does indeed have MoneyGram.

Be reminded, however, that MoneyGram is done only on an ATM located inside the 7-11 store. 7-11 doesn’t run nor operate the service itself. Nor do the employees do it. You have to make the transfer yourself. Although, you are free to ask for help from the employees in case you’re having technical difficulties or need guidance on how to use it.

Why Use Money Gram?

MoneyGram is one of the best money transfer companies in the world. Although MoneyGram doesn’t have as many ways to pay, as well as agents or collection points across the world compared to Western Union, it does offer many of the features that the average person does indeed. This includes the ability to send money online and in person, as well as receive funds in just a few minutes and transfer money directly to a bank account.

Be careful, however. MoneyGram doesn’t work the same across all countries. There are countries where transfers made via MoneyGram can only be collected in person. Meanwhile, in other countries, it is possible to make a bank deposit.

As for fees, MoneyGram offers a simple “flat-fee” approach. Additionally, MoneyGram puts a small premium on top of the exchange rate for international transfers.

While MoneyGram doesn’t have the best exchange rates in the money-transfer industry, MoneyGram does have some of the lowest fees. This means that, if you’re sending a large sum of money, you won’t have to pay as much if you use MoneyGram compared to other money-transfer services such as Western Union.

Of course, it’s still important that you do your research first. By comparing all of your options before making the transfer, you know exactly which money-transfer method is the most cost-effective for the amount of money that you will send.

How Do I Send Money Abroad?

MoneyGram isn’t the only money-transfer method available. In addition to MoneyGram, as well as Western Union, you can send money internationally via online transfer services like PayPal, Xoom, Google Wallet, and Amazon Pay.

Bank wire transfers is also another possible option, although it’s not the most economical nor efficient because of the high bank fees and horrible bank exchange rates, as well as how the wire transfer can take as many as 5 business days to complete.

Keep in mind that there is no single best way to send money abroad. It all mainly depends on what you’re trying to do with the money you’re going to send and how much money you’re willing to pay for the transfer. However, MoneyGram is one of the more attractive options, especially because most 7-11 outlets have MoneyGram kiosks inside.

As one of the more popular convenience store chains worldwide, having MoneyGram kiosks inside 7-11 stores makes it a lot easier and more convenient to transfer money internationally.