Does a Herniated Disc Heal?

A herniated disc is something to not joke about, and many people wonder: does herniated disc heal? The answer is yes, to some extent. Many experts and people out there argue whether it can heal completely or not, but many have claimed that is not whether it heals or not, the important thing to worry about is to reduce symptoms through treatment and rehabilitation.

To summarize it: the discs inside the spine have a jelly like substance inside them, which tends to slip out in herniated discs, causing harmful effects. The interesting thing about this is that many have suffered from herniated discs without having symptoms at all!

The symptoms may include:

  • Weakness with both arms and legs.
  • Pain in the limbs, buttocks, neck and shoulders. The intensity of the pain and where you feel it will be decided by the disc that has become herniated.

Some factors that are related to cause herniated discs are the following:

  • Weight excess.
  • Physical demanding jobs.
  • Bad practice of working out.
  • Genetic
  • Bad posture
  • Lack of exercise and stretching

In fact, exercise and stretching is one good way to deal with herniated discs. Although it wont 100% cure it, it will reduce, or even erase, the symptoms. Going under rehabilitation, slowly and steady, is highly recommended by experts.

Also, to reduce to chances of suffering from this particular condition, doing Yoga is a really good counter-measure.

Yoga not only improves the health of your spine, but your bones overall. It also increases blood flow, improves the health of your muscles and cardio-vascular system, strengthen your bones along your muscles, veins and vessels, and reduces the chances of suffering from bone related complications, and even osteoporosis. It also helps you improve your posture which improves the health of your spine and its capacity to remain straight.

Swimming is also a really good sport to practice if you suffer from back problems, or any type of problems related to bones and muscles. It has been scientifically proved that swimming helps your bones in the best way possible thanks to exercising inside water. Not only that, but it also benefits your internal organs, and brings the same, or even more benefits, than yoga.

There are also surgical options to treat it as well, but it is only recommended if the symptoms are too strong to deal with, consistent and unbearable.

Worrying about whether your herniated disc has healed or not won’t bring results. Dealing with it as much as you can while trying your best to reduce the symptoms is the way to go. Look out for answers if you need them. Visiting a doctor and measuring the level of your complication may be the key to bring peace to your back pains and problems.

Also, we highly encourage you to start practicing if you feel like you can do it. Exercises tend to have positive results over all patients suffering herniated disks. Of course, there are some that weren’t able to exercise due to pain, but you can start with easy to do tasks and keep on increasing the level of difficulty until you feel comfortable with it!