Does a Humidifier Help with Congestion?

If you’re asking the question, does a humidifier help with congestion? This article is going to help you.

When you or your children suffer from a bad cold, it is often a very stressful situation in which you cannot completely rely upon the medicines and syrups. The pain due to a cough, cold or sinus can any day be very agonizing which feels like it is never going to end at that particular moment. The congestion can only be eased for the time being by using certain home remedies or other techniques and equipment like humidifiers. Humidifiers can help in a lot of ways in solving this problem but there are certainly other things also that needs to be known before you think of using one when in the trouble of congestion.

So here are the things that you should know before you use a humidifier to help you or your children with congestion due to various reasons.

How to use it?

Cool mist and steam humidifiers have been used by the people for decades to treat a cough and cold symptoms including congestion caused due to it. Humidifiers of these types are used to ass moisture to the air present in that particular space. But there is a potential risk of the spread of bacteria or fungi that can grow through the water and then spread into the room through the mist. This can lead to several health issues like the flu and infections of different kinds. Therefore it is mandatory that you clean the humidifier by disinfecting and scrubbing it with some effective substance before using it for the next time. The storage of the humidifier should also be taken into account.

What should be used in it?

Usage of distilled water instead of normal water will prevent the formation of mineral deposits inside the water tank of the humidifier or other parts which are in contact with water. As the benefits of distilled water are well known, it is also beneficial to use it to reduce the growth of microorganisms which can prove to be harmful at times. Along with this, care should be taken that the humidity levels in the room are monitored deliberately as a lot of moisture will pave the path for the growth of various molds and harmful bacteria. Condensation, in this case, must be prevented. You can opt for the humidifiers with the built-in control system to make the task of monitoring easier.

Can it be used for children?

Steam humidifiers are dangerous for small children as they can cause burns due to the steam or the spillage of the burning hot water from the humidifier tank. So for the children, cool mist humidifiers are one of the best options that are available in the market. Apart from all these factors, the health condition of a particular for whom the humidifier is being used should be taken into consideration prior most as it determines the effectiveness of the usage of the equipment. Humidifiers might prove to be inconvenient and less effective for the people suffering from an asthma cough or cold or having some allergy. So do check out all these factors before you think of using the humidifier for congestion problem.