Does a Sauna Help with Acne?

Many people suffer from acne and wonder does a sauna help with acne in 2018? There are studies that show that a sauna can actually benefit those who suffer from acne, however, there are some downfalls to using a sauna for acne treatment. Plus, there are downfalls to using a sauna in general if you are not careful.

Pros and Cons of a Sauna for Acne

Using a sauna for acne can open up pores. When you are sweating in a sauna potassium and sodium are in the sweat which can help wipe away dead skin on your body. However, if you are not careful and aware to wipe off the sweat, it can actually cause more breakouts rather than help you.

When you are done sitting in a sauna the sweat then cools as your body cools. This is when sweat and the sebum get trapped into the pores. This is what would cause more pimples. Also, sitting in a sauna for more than fifteen minutes may cause your skin to dehydrate making the appearance of the face seem older.

If you are going to a sauna do not use makeup. When you are sweating the makeup melts and is prone to clogging pores.

When finished with a sauna sitting you should use a mild acne cleanser to make sure that no debris or sweat gets trapped in your pores.

Why it is Good to Sweat

You should note that sweating is good. If you look at it from a fitness perspective you may understand the benefits more. When you exercise your heart rate is boosted, causing a boosted blood flow and circulation. When you do this your pores open or get bigger. This then in return allows the sweat to flush out toxins that were inside these pores. Fewer toxins means fewer clogged pores which results in a smoother skin appearance.

When you replace the physical exercise with high temperatures you have a similar effect. The heat from a sauna will increase blood flow and then in return causes blood pressure to drop. The heart is now beating faster and more efficiently. This gives you the same effect as exercise, increasing circulation provides more nutrients to be delivered to the skin.

Perfect Sauna Routine for Acne

It does not matter why you are using a sauna, you should always wash your face before you enter the high temperatures. You will want to remove and of the sweat build up from any time before you are entering the sauna, this is especially true if the sweat has started to dry. This will also wipe away any grime and product, such as makeup, that your skin has accumulated during the day. You will want to do this because you are going to be sweating profusely in a sauna. You want to start with a clean face to prevent any pores from being clogged with debris.

However, remember that you are going to be losing water when you sit in a sauna. You are aggressively dehydrating your body. You need to make sure you are drinking water before, during, and after sauna use.