Does Acid Show Up on a Drug Test?

We all like to have a little fun or experiment but does acid show up on a drug test is a huge question that is asked. This is asked because even though we like to have fun, this is unfortunately illegal. So, if you are looking to get hired onto a job or even just a random drug test at work you may want to know this information about acid.

What is Acid

Acid is known as the street name for the drug and compound LSD. LSD is a hallucinogenic drug, so this makes acid a hallucinogenic drug. Acid has effects that include visual distortions and even being in a dreamlike state. This could last for eight to fourteen hours. These effects inlcude:

  • Rapid Change in Mood
  • Extreme Change in Mood
  • Visual Distortions
  • Time Seems Faster or Slower than Normal
  • Altered Sense of Reality

Keep in mind that LSD is an illegal drug and if you are caught with it or using it you could have some serious consequences.

3 Reasons

You may be tested for LSD for three different reasons. First, you may be tested because you are on probation. Secondly, you are obligated to do drug tests for a job and lastly, a military requirement.

While you are wise to stay away from any illegal drug while on probation there are always opportunities that come about. It is not recommended to seek out LSD because there is already risk because you are on probation.

LSD(Acid) and Drug Tests

However, the good news about LSD is it does not show up on any of the standard drug tests. Standard drug tests are fairly cheap. The ones that many employers use does not screen for LSD use. This is because LSD does not take a lot to initiate a trip or high. Because of this, detection in the urine is slim to none. It is near impossible. Plus, the body removes LSD from the body fairly quickly. LSD is eliminated from the body in as little as 24 hours or as long as 48 hours. Still, within two days your system is clear of LSD.

However, there are certain more expensive tests that do screen for LSD. This would be a urine test. Hair tests are unable to screen for any amounts of LSD.

  1. The first type of urine test that will screen for LSD is called an Abu screen. This screens whole blood, serum, urine, and the stomach contents for LSD as well as its metabolites.
  2. Emit is a different series of tests that are carried out that will detect LSD.

However, the only reason you would ever need these tests is if an employer or probation officer has suspicions that you have used LSD recently. So, if you are not out and about broadcasting your use of LSD you are not likely to be tested for it.

Military and LSD Tests

The military began testing for LSD back in the early 2000’s. However, the Department of Defense has stopped most of the LSD testing military wide. This is because only four tests were found positive in over two million tests that were conducted over a three-year period. The cost was more than the military benefited from.