Does Acne Comeback After Accutane?

Does acne comeback after accurate?” is a question that a lot of people that are interested in taking Accutane to help solve their acne problems ask.

Although considered one of the more effective long-term solutions to acne, the sad news is that Accutane is not always a 100% cure for acne. It may work nearly every time for the first time for everyone, but, more often than not, a second, and even a third course of the medicine may be necessary. Sometimes, even then, acne might still come back and flare up after a couple of years.

Why is that?

Why Does Acne Comeback After Accutane?

There are many possible explanations as to why acne still comes back after Accutane, namely:

  • Younger patients are usually much more prone to a relapse compared to older ones. This is most likely because older patients usually don’t go through hormonal shifts, unlike younger patients who will have to go through years of hormonal changes before their hormones stabilize. This isn’t to suggest that younger patients should avoid Accutane, however. In fact, it’s the opposite. Even with the higher relapse rate, younger patients can still benefit a lot from Accutane. The earlier it is used, the lower the chances of scarring, and even if the acne does come back, it won’t be as bad as the initial flare-ups prior to the medication.
  • Demographics is also a huge factor. Age, sex, and how long you’ve had acne problems both affect how effective the treatment is and the chances of a relapse. For example, males with severe acne usually don’t respond as well to Accutane, and are more likely to relapse compared to female patients with slightly less bad acne. Also, the relapse rate is twice higher in men compared to women.
  • There’s also the fact that acne simply has no cure. While we may have developed ways to temporarily cure acne, it remains a disease where a total cure has continued to elude us for centuries. That means that even though Accutane can “cure” you of acne, it doesn’t exactly totally get rid of it – it just puts acne on remission. This is the reason why some people need multiple and longer courses of the medicine, as well as higher doses. Either way, there’s really no guarantee that your acne won’t come back. Because our hormones are constantly changing, it doesn’t really take a lot to cause an acne flareup and relapse.

Of course, even if Accutane is not what you’d call a “sure” solution, the longer remission time compared to other treatment options still makes it one of the more attractive solutions to acne today. Even if a relapse does occur after Accutane, the fact that it may take years for the acne to come back is a risk that most people will be more than willing to take. Not only that, even when a patient does experience a relapse, it’s very rarely as severe as the previous flare up.

So, if you’re worried that Accutane won’t work, don’t be. It is a very effective solution to your acne problem, one whose rate of success only goes higher with each subsequent course and dose.