Does Acne Light Therapy Work?

In this article you will discover the answer to the question, does acne light therapy work? If you have tried some of the more common treatments for acne without any success, then you are bound to wonder does acne light therapy work. Acne light therapy or phototherapy for acne is not an unconventional treatment. It has been around for some time. In all likelihood, you are going to start treating your acne with creams or gels. You may use chemical peels and some pills. You may be prescribed antibiotics or you may prefer over the counter medications. The problem with all these remedies is that they are ineffective against stubborn acne. Some of these remedies have been known to have side effects and a few can worsen a breakout. Phototherapy is an effective remedy and it has been proven umpteen times.

Does Phototherapy for Acne Work?

Phototherapy uses a specific type of light on the skin to kill the bacteria that causes acne. It should be noted that pores on the skin clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt are only a part of the problem. Bacterial infection at the clogged pores is the other obvious reality of acne. This is why some people experience worsening acne with pimples often filled with pus and bumps that do not seem to subside even when the breakout seems to have been contained. People who have recurring breakouts are also suffering from a bacterial infection. Since the bacteria have not been killed or cleansed from the skin, the breakout happens time and again.

All pores on the skin are connected to the sebaceous glands. Oil produced by these glands is released through the pores of the skin. This oil is essential for healthy skin. Excess oil gets trapped in the pores along with dirt and dead skin cells, thereby causing the clogging and eventually facilitating an acne breakout. The bacterium responsible for acne is Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes. This is where the name of the breakout is derived from.

Phototherapy for acne uses light to kill the bacteria in the pores of your skin. The bacteria cannot be killed with any type of light. It is sensitive to only certain spectrums of light. The same light can also shrink the overactive oil glands and hence reduce the quantum of oil secreted. This helps to unclog the pores too. Phototherapy or acne light therapy often uses ultraviolet radiation. This is not very different from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ultraviolet light can clean up acne by killing the bacteria. Phototherapy may also use red or blue light. These wavelengths in the spectrum of light are also effecting at killing the bacteria.

You will need to consult a dermatologist to opt for the light therapy. It is not possible for someone to carry out the process without the help of an expert. There is a systematic approach leading up to the phototherapy session and you are supposed to take some precautions after the treatment for effective recovery. Your dermatologist would have a detailed plan for you depending on the severity of acne breakout and other pertinent characteristics of your skin.