Does Adderall Help with Anxiety?

Many people suffer with anxiety and are looking for something to help them, so that leads to the question, does Adderall help with anxiety in 2018? Adderall may help with anxiety; however, it also may make it worse.

Adderall and Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is where someone is diagnosed with the fear of interacting with other people. Many suffer from this type of anxiety. Those who do suffer this anxiety often have a fear of being judged by others and feel self-conscious. This sometimes is so bad that people often avoid social interactions with people and social settings.

Social anxiety was once thought to be a phobia but is now a pretty common thing. It is often treated with antidepressants. A doctor might prescribe Adderall for social anxiety because it causes a sense of self-confidence, a boost in energy, and even sociability. People may feel more optimistic and have a boosted mood as well.

However, using Adderall for social anxiety is a temporary treatment. You will only feel the benefits for a short period of time. Not only is it a temporary treatment, it could make the condition worse. This is why it is not ideally used for treatment of anxiety in general.

 Adderall When Prescribed

Adderall is generally prescribed for those who have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD. When a person with ADHD is prescribed this medication, it can work wonders for them. Those who are diagnosed with this disorder benefit because they are more focused and concentrated. While Adderall has many therapeutic benefits there are people who abuse it.

If you are prescribed Adderall for social anxiety your doctor will start you out on a very small dosage at first and wean you to the proper amount. This is done in order to avoid the Adderall High.

Adderall Prescriptions

When Adderall is prescribed, it is prescribed to be taken every six hours. This type of pill is immediate release. This type of Adderall starts working from a half hour to an hour and lasts for four to six hours. Another type that is prescribed to help prevent overdose is the extended release which lasts 24 hours. This pill can only be taken once a day.

However, there are those who are simply looking for a high and will abuse the drug. Abusing the drug could cause serious side effects and even death if you are not careful. So, it is important to listen to your doctor whether you are prescribed for social anxiety, weight loss, or ADHD.

Adderall High

Those who take Adderall for a high will experience something called an Adderall High. Some effects of those having an Adderall high might include:

  • Increased Energy
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Changes
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Change in Heart Rate
  • Increase in Blood Pressure
  • Appetite Loss
  • Self-Confidence
  • In High Doses-Death (Overdose)

For those who are taking it to get high it is an extremely addictive drug and you could develop a physical dependence on it. When a person becomes addicted the chemistry of the brain changes. The feeling of euphoria in the brain causes the chemistry to change and then it creates a trigger reward in the brain. This causes addiction psychologically.