Does Amazon Echo Work with iPhone?

Many people are switching or have switched to iPhone and wonder does Amazon echo work with iPhone in 2018? Yes, however it does not work the same way as with an android device. There are a few differences between the two. However, all in all it will work on your iPhone.

How to Use the Echo with iPhone

  1. You are going to want to open the Amazon Alexa App.
  2. Tap the Alexa Icon in the bottom of the app. You simply cannot say “Hey Alexa” to wake your iPhone as you would with Siri. You are not going to need to press and hold the button, simply tap on it.
  3. The first time you access this feature, you are going to have to grant Alexa some permissions on your iOS device. Press allow when the little box pops up saying Alexa needs to access ….
  4. Another window will then appear asking you to confirm your decision. Press Allow.
  5. The next window is going to appear the first time you use this feature. It is going to give you examples of things you can do with Alexa. Press Done at the bottom.

Now you are ready to use Alexa. You can simply ask her to shut off your smart lights or even order something online. You can also ask her questions or ask her to tell you jokes.

What is Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and even a prominent cloud services provider. However, let us take a look at how Amazon got to this point.

The company Amazon was originally only a book seller but now has expanded to sell almost everything you can imagine. Amazon sells a wide variety of consumer goods, digital media, as well as electronic devices. Yes, you heard that right, electronic devices. You could purchase a Kindle or even a TV on Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is the owner of Amazon. However, he first started out with a company called Cadabra in 1994 but the name changed to Amazon for the website launch in 1995. It is said the Bezos browsed a dictionary for a word beginning with A simply for the value of alphabetic placement. He is later to have named Amazon because it was not only different but sounded exotic. He also stated that this was a reference to his plan. He wanted the company’s size to reflect the size of the Amazon River.

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive evolving cloud computing platform. The first AWS offerings were launched back in 2006 to provide online services. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 and Simple Storage Service or S3 are the backbone of the company. In fact, they are the backbone to the continuous growth and collection of Web Services.

Today Amazon has headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company has individual websites as well as software development centers. Not only that, they have customer service centers and fulfillment centers in many locations around the world.