Does Anxiety Cause Weight Loss?

Many people all over the world suffer from anxiety and a common question asked is does anxiety cause weight loss in 2018? The answer is yes, it can defiantly cause weight loss. However, now you may be wondering why and how does anxiety cause weight loss. We are going to take a look at why anxiety and stress may be causing you to lose weight.

Sudden Weight Loss Anxiety Symptoms

Those who experience sudden weight loss may be suffering from sudden weight loss anxiety which has symptoms which include:

  • Sudden weight loss for no apparent reason.
  • Seven or more pounds dropped in a short period of time.
  • For no reason you have lost several pounds.
  • Due to recent anxiety, you have noticed weight loss.
  • Being anxious has caused you to lose 15 or more pounds.

Sudden weight loss can occur within a few weeks or months depending on your circumstances. You can experience weight loss over the period of many months due to your struggle with anxiety or you may just simply notice you have lost a few to tens of pounds because of anxiety. All of these combinations are very common with those who have anxiety.

Why Does Anxiety Cause Weight Loss?

Anxiety can cause weight loss for a number of reasons that you may not know about.

  1. Behaving apprehensively actually activates the body’s natural stress response.

This means that the stress response will cause the body to secrete stress hormones into the bloodstream. Then they travel to targeted spots located throughout the body to bring specific physiological, psychological, and emotional changes. This is so that the body is able to deal with the threat, either fight or flight mode.

Stress hormones are considered stimulants. These stimulants increase the body’s metabolism as well as fuel consumption. When a person has an increase in metabolism the body is using energy faster than normal. When the body runs out of fuel it then starts targeting fat stores to continue burning energy.

  1. Stress-response hyper stimulation can cause the body to not absorb nutrients or process them as it is supposed to.

The more stimulated a body is, the more weight we are going to lose because the body is not processing the nutrients and delivering them properly to the body.

  1. When a person behaves over apprehensively it can cause the body to become stress- response hyper stimulated. Hyper stimulation can cause issues with your stomach and digestive track.

People who have elevated stress generally eat less due to stomach issues. People suffer from stomach and digestive problems are usually on the thinner side because it is easier just to not eat. When you eat less you are reducing the amount of energy to the body and less energy means the body has to use the fat stores as fuel. As your body burns these fat stores you are going to lose weight.

  1. Stress-response hyper stimulation can actually cause an increase in what is called nervous energy. This type of energy can cause the body to consume even more fuel.

When someone has increased nervous energy, it is often very difficult to rest or relax. This means that someone may be constantly on the go. The more you are active the more energy you burn and the more fuel you need. The body may be consuming more energy that would be consumed in food causing weight loss.