Does Apple Watch Count Steps Daily?

A question that is frequently asked is does Apple Watch count your steps daily? The answer to this question is simple, yes it does. However, there are different ways to access your daily steps and things you can do to ensure your Apple Watch is correctly counting steps.

Apple Watch and Daily Steps

The Apple Watch counts your daily steps once the watch has been activated. It never stops tracking your steps. Even if the app itself is not up, your watch is counting steps. Whether you are exercising or simply walking around work your steps will be tracked.

Many people assume that because the Apple Watch is synced with the iPhone you have to first activate the pedometer feature on the watch. This is untrue. The Apple Watch has a pedometer that works all on its own and does not need to be connected to your iPhone. This is a separate app than that on the phone as well. You can be out of reach of your phone and the watch’s pedometer will keep counting your steps.

How Does Apple Watch Work without Paired Phone?

The Apple Watch has two built in fitness apps. These apps consist of one called Activity and one called Workout. Both of these apps work away from your iPhone. These apps can measure heart rate as well. The Activity app tracks your steps, standing time, and active exercise time. The Workout app allows timed exercise that measure distance, pace, heart rate, and the calories burned. The only thing that you cannot do away from the iPhone is track your walk with GPS.

 Can Goals be Set with Daily Steps?

The Apple Watch does not allow step goals to be set. You are also not allowed to change any of the apps progress rings to reflect extra steps you may have taken with it off.  You may not be able to change a step goal on your Apple Watch but you will be able to change a calorie goal. You can change the amount of calories you want to burn in a single day.

How to View Tracked Steps

To view your daily steps, you can open the activity app on your watch and then scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Your steps should be displayed here. Another option is on your iPhone in the activity app. To view in this app, you are going to want to select view a day’s result and then when you scroll to the bottom you should see your steps and distance. One last way to view your steps is to go to your Health app on your iPhone. After the app is opened select health data, then activity, and lastly, steps. You can add steps to the favorites which moves it to the top section of the today screen.

When you view the steps taken on your phone or your watch you will be able to see how many calories you have burned, how many steps you have taken, and a combined distance.