Does Apple Watch Monitor Sleep?

Does Apple Watch monitor sleep? This is a question that some people may be asking to themselves before buying one, more if they are not that into fitness and just want a way to practically monitor their sleep and other things. The answer is yes! Apple Watch can monitor sleep, but before doing so, you will have to download an app in the Apple App Store with your iPhone device.

The Apple Watch comes with all necessary things to track your sleep, such as a heart rate sensor, accelerometer and a gyroscope to monitor your sleep while you are wearing it.

Why would you want to track your sleep?

Tracking your sleep is a good way to improve your health and make some life-style changes. In fact, sleep one of the reasons behind people’s lack of motivation and productivity. It’s scientifically proved that a good sleep management will lead to more productivity, an overall feeling of healthiness, energy and it also reduces procrastination and improves your focus.

Many researchers have come to the conclusion that healthy sleep habits can bring life changing benefits to people, even more if practices constantly and correctly.

Tracking your sleep will only work if you take your time to measure how your sleep works. Starting a sleep diary is recommended by experts and successful people whom claim that sleeping has become the most important thing in their life along several other factors.

But, how can you do it, and what benefits will it bring?

The way to go.

If you have sleeping problems that require more insight about you and your sleep patterns for experts to help you, sleep monitoring will create the data needed for the experts to decide the best way to fix those problems. It will not only save you time, but money as well.

Not only that, but some apps will even help you manage a sleeping diary automatically, and this will bring helpful information to understand how your sleep works and stick while you try new ways to improve your sleep, so you can stick to those methods and improve your overall sleeping life-style.

The Apple Watch can also display an alarm when your sleep is the lightest it can be. Some people tend to try to sleep even when they know they won’t be getting any quality sleep. This is a common mistake people make and this feature will make you understand that you are indeed not sleeping in that moment. If this happens, is better to get out of bed and do something else until your body has become prepared for a better nap.

Also, some changes to improve your sleep include:

  • Make a ritual, like drinking warm milk before preparing to sleep and reading a book.
  • Use your bed for sleep only. This will teach your body that going to bed is a signal. Like telling your own brain and body: Hey, let’s sleep!
  • Not using your phone or any electronical device one hour before going to sleep. The brain is a tricky little thing: If you used an electronical device such as a phone or a computer before going to sleep you may find it hard to fall asleep for some time. This is due to the device’s light, making your brain think that it should keep on being active.
  • Staying hydrated will also improve your sleep. Drinking enough water through the day will not only improve your sleep, but your health in several ways.
  • Not eating sugar before sleep is a nice way to improve your sleep, too!
  • Exercising during the day will also help. Do not attempt to exercise before sleeping since it usually brings an energy rush with it, thus reducing your chances of falling asleep.
  • Meditation is one good way to calm your brain from the day to day life. Proved by myself, meditating 10 minutes before sleeping will make your breath and brain calmer, which will lead to you falling asleep easier.