Does Biotin Cause Acne?

We’re here to discuss the question, “does biotin cause acne?”

Biotin has quickly become one of the most popular supplements in the market. Because of its many known and proven benefits, which include healthier-looking hair, glowing skin, and better-looking nails, more and more people are starting to swear by biotin. The fact that it’s found in all sorts of hair and skin products, in addition to supplements, helps prove just how popular biotin has become as well.

But, for all of its popularity, is it really possible that biotin is not that good for you? In particular, can biotin cause acne?

Well, the answer to that question is, yes, it is possible for biotin to cause acne or make acne problems worse.

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How Does Biotin Cause Acne?

Also known as pantothenic acid, Vitamin B5 supposedly helps regulate the outer surface layer of the skin. This is how it prevents acne. Or at least, that’s how it should go. Meanwhile, another vitamin, B7, helps breakdown and distribute fatty acids to help improve the skin. The result is a protective layer on your skin that makes it glow.

With these two working together, you’ll get to enjoy radiant, healthy, and younger-looking sin.

Unfortunately, both Vitamin B7 and Vitamin B5 are absorbed through the same receptors in the intestines. Because of this, an excess of one can result into a deficiency of the other.

If you take biotin, or B7, supplements, your body won’t be able to absorb as much vitamin B5. This leaves the outer surface of your skin more prone to acne breakouts.

So, while biotin doesn’t directly cause acne, an excess in Vitamin B5, which leads to a deficiency in Vitamin B5, can and will.

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Should You Stop Taking Biotin?

Luckily, you don’t have to stop taking biotin to prevent it from possibly causing an acne breakout on your skin.

You can keep on taking biotin and continue enjoying healthy-looking hair and skin. However, you’ll have to be careful regarding your biotin intake. You’ll have to make sure that you don’t have an excess of either biotin in your body, nor pantothenic acid. You’ll have to balance each other, or else, you’ll be one step closer to suffering an acne breakout.

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that never happens.

For example, if you’re taking biotin supplements, take a biotin multivitamin instead of pure biotin. Biotin multivitamins contain a healthy mix of both vitamin B5 and vitamin B7. This helps reduce any chances of a potential overdosage.

Or, if you’re not into taking vitamins or supplements, you can go for a biotin-rich diet instead. There are plenty of foods that can give you enough biotin and pantothenic acid without causing any imbalance. Eggs, seafood, and leafy greens are all packed with many other nutrients that your body needs, in addition to vitamins B5 and B7.

Besides, when you think about it, the best beauty routines are built in the kitchen; the healthier you eat, the better you’ll look.

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