Does Breastfeeding Help with Weight Loss?

After pregnancy, weight gain is pretty common. This is due the fact that women need extra fat stored to start producing milk, but, during the process, does breastfeeding help with weight loss? This is a rather complex and controversial topic since, after pregnancy, a woman’s body works differently: you usually gain more weight than you lose if you are not careful. Is true that breastfeeding does burn calories but you usually gain more calories than you burn after pregnancy, even if you are breastfeeding. This is why diet is really important when it comes to breastfeeding: if you maintain a healthy, balanced diet, burning those extra pounds will be way easier.

Be careful, though. As said earlier, this is a rather a controversial topic. During your breastfeeding process, your body naturally burn calories in order to produce milk. According to nutritionists and health experts, women who exercise vigorously during their nursing process will quickly reduce their weight, but this is not really recommended for breastfeeding since your milk may get filled by toxins, or your milk production levels may reduce greatly.

Since breast milk is the richest food your baby can get, you shouldn’t make this a goal. Instead, work gradually reducing your weight: slowly and steady. This will reduce any risk you may encounter and things will properly work out between your weight and your breastfeeding.

The most recommended thing to do is control your diet. Only eat when you need that you need to eat and try to control those cravings for food even after you just ate. Remain yourself well hydrated too, and try to control how much physical activity you do along the day.

We are not telling you that you can’t workout at all. We are only recommending you to be patient and workout less than before. Being patient is a must.

How can breastfeeding help lose weight?

On an average level, women tend to lose around 595 calories to 695 calories a day during breastfeeding thanks to the calories burned to produce milk. Women tend to increase their weight by 4KG of fat during pregnancy. To lose each KG they’ll need reach a 7,700 calories deficit. Meaning that, only by breastfeeding, a woman can lose half a kilogram per week.

But as many women know, this is as simple. Depending on the calories you eat during the week, this deficit produced by breastfeeding can be out leveled. This is why diet is important if your goal is to lose weight: you have to steadily take notes on what you are eating and the calories you are intaking in order to find a balance between how much calories you eat and burn during the week. And this can be pretty difficult for newcomers.

Lots of women are really careful when it comes to producing milk, being afraid of reducing their milk production levels. This is normal, and understandable. Also, women during and after pregnancy tend to have more appetite, which makes things even more difficult.

But don’t lose hope! According to studies, 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercises, up to 4 times a week, can help in losing weight without risking your milk to be damaged. If you do this along having a nice diet, losing weight shouldn’t be impossible. But take in mind that each woman works differently and results will depend on each individual. The key is to be constant and disciplined, and don’t give up!