Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

With CBD oil and CBD in general being introduced for health benefits many of us wonder does CBD make you sleepy in 2018?

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD

Hemp CBD oil is completely legal because it is from the hemp plant which produces maximum CBD concentration and a low concentration of THC. The THC that is found in the hemp CBD is negligible which basically means nonexistent. This means you will not experience a high.

If you are located in a state where marijuana is legal you may find marijuana CBD oil which has a higher concentration of THC and will cause a high.

However, because marijuana is illegal in many states it is more than likely you will find hemp CBD. Hemp CBD is going to cause an array of positive effects for you.

CBD and Sleepiness

Since CBD oil that is used for health and treatments, you are not going to feel sleepy after taking it. However, you can use it if you have trouble sleeping before bed. CBD does not make you sleepy but it will help you sleep deeper at night making you feel more well rested. Plus, it has many other positive effects.


Many people who have trouble sleeping will turn to CBD oil to aid in their battle with insomnia. When you do not sleep you are likely to overeat, make mistakes, and be less alert during the day. CBD allows for a well-rested night without any prescriptions. CBD helps those with insomnia fall asleep quicker and stay asleep, leaving them well rested for the next day.


CBD does not generally get you high unless you are buying a THC kind. This is why so many people turn to hemp CBD is to get all the benefits but still feel sober. You are sober but feel so much better because of all the health benefits of CBD oil.

Anxiety Relief

CBD oil that comes from a hemp plant will help someone who suffers from anxiety. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety and take CBD oil you may notice that things that used to cause you anxiety do not. You can add CBD to your morning tea or coffee to get an effect that will help keep your anxiety to a minimum all day.

People who suffer anxiety tend to focus less. CBD helps calm the anxiety and helps improve alertness and the ability to focus. Not only does CBD help with anxiety it can help with stress that leads to anxiety. With the help of CBD many people have noticed an improvement in their daily lives and even the work place.

Less Pain

When you take CBD oil you will not be high. If you suffer from chronic pain then you will love CBD oil. CBD is natural and very healthy. It will not interact with any other medications you are taking but will help your chronic pain.

Those who suffer from chronic pain know the number of pills that you take can be ridiculous. Taking CBD oil may help you get off some prescriptions. The best part about taking CBD for chronic pain is that there are no negative side effects.

CBD is an anti-inflammatory. This means it helps with joint pain and injuries that you may have sustained. Generally, CBD oil lowers the amount of pain you are feeling, making it easier to get through the day.