Does CBD Make You Tired?

Does CBD make you tired” is a valid question for anyone who has been using CBD oil in recent times, especially because its source material, Marijuana, can sometimes contain high enough levels of THC that make them so strong that you feel so high that you’ll go to sleep right there and then after only just one or a couple of puffs.

What Is CBD Oil?

Extracted from the stalk and seed of cannabis plants, pure CBD oil is often extracted from strains of cannabis that have low THC but are high in CBD. Thanks to a specialized extraction process, the CBD oil used by most people is highly concentrated pure cannabidiol. This contains much less THC and more of the other good ingredients that make them so beneficial. This includes amino acids, various vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids.

Simply put, pure CBD oil comes with a wide slew of health and nutritional benefits commonly associated with THC products, but with very little or even without the high.

Why CBD Can Put You To Sleep

It’s not uncommon for people to wonder if using CBD oil can help you fall asleep or make you feel tired.

The answer to that question is that, though, is that it doesn’t. However, that also depends on how you look at things and more importantly, how you use CBD oil.

CBD oil is used by most people who enjoy its calming effects. This leads to less stress and better quality of sleep. At least, most of the time. Unfortunately, CBD oil affects every person’s body differently. For some, a small dose of CBD oil might be too much, while a small dose might not be enough for others.

Regardless, one thing that most people who use CBD oil have in common is that higher CBD oil in take can cause them to feel more tired than usual.

If you want to use CBD oil, use only enough to make you feel more stimulated. Don’t go with too high of a dosage that you feel drowsy, tired or sleepy instead.

Using CBD Oil The Right Way

Using CBD oil every day is a great way to help yourself relax a bit more. If you use it at night before going to sleep, you’ll end up having the kind of sleep that you once only dreamed of having. But, be careful. Using CBD oil products during the day can backfire on you. Using too much can make you feel too relaxed, which can lead to feelings of tiredness.

With CBD oil, it’s also about moderation. If you insist on taking it at work, consume only small amounts. Although feel free to gradually increase the doses that you take as your work day comes to a close, or while you’re on your way home. Doing so can help give you the calming benefits of CBD oil, which can make you more productive, and at the same time, the increased dosage later in the day makes you feel tired and sleepy, setting you up for a good night’s sleep.

Just don’t forget that CBD oil is technically still just a nutritional supplement. No therapeutic claims can be 100% proven. At least, not yet anyway.

If you believe that CBD oil can help you relax a bit more, you’ll want to do your research first. Read up on it. Go online. Better yet, go to to your doctor and see what they have to say before you try it out for yourself.