Does Coffee Make You Hungry?

Many people today drink coffee and wonder does coffee make you hungry in 2018. The answer is no. Coffee actually suppresses your appetite making you not hungry.  This is because of the caffeine located in coffee.

Caffeine and Appetite

When you are consuming coffee it contains caffeine. So rather than making you hungry the caffeine has the opposite effect for most people. Caffeine itself acts as a temporary appetite suppressant. This does not mean that the consumption of caffeine or coffee is a healthy way to attempt weight loss. However, the Mayo Clinic notes that evidence is insufficient to suggest that consumption of caffeine regularly can serve as an effective weight loss method.

Caffeine suppresses your appetite which may make it seem like the perfect weight loss method. However, there are many side effects to consuming too much caffeine. Plus, if you are drinking caffeine such as coffee instead of your normal foods you may not be getting the nutrition your body needs. If your body does not have the nutrition it needs you may experience more severe problems than the effects of just the caffeine. You should always make sure to be eating healthy if you are consuming larger amounts of caffeine to ensure your body has all the nutrients it needs.

Coffee and Healthy Drinks

Even though coffee contains caffeine and caffeine suppresses your appetite, you should not use it as a weight loss method. It may sound appealing if you are looking to limit your caloric intake, however, if you do this it may have negative side effects. Medline Plus actually warns against people drinking enough coffee to the point where they are eating less. This is especially important for those who are adolescents. Many adolescents turn to coffee to help them with their busy school and work schedules. It is important that coffee is not replacing nourishing healthy drinks such as water and milk.

Caffeine and Risks

Although caffeine is not going to make you hungry, it has other side effects that you should be aware of. If you consume coffee regularly this may be more intended for you. A cup here and there is not going to cause side effects. Caffeine can make you feel jittery and anxious. This can lead to an accelerated heart rate. Caffeine is also noted to make you take more trips to the bathroom and not just for urination. Nausea can actually come from having too much caffeine. Lastly, caffeine makes a person’s sleep pattern irregular. Caffeine disrupts sleeping patterns if it is drunk right before bed.

Keep it Moderate

If you drink coffee or caffeine here and there you are likely not to experience side effects. This however depends on your body and the tolerance you have to the stimulant. If you are a person who depends on caffeine throughout the day side effects are going to be more pronounced and noticeable. Moderate amounts such as 2-300 milligrams of caffeine per day should not negatively affect you. This is the equivalent of two to four cups of coffee.