Does Coffee Stain Clothes?

Does coffee stain clothes in 2018 is a common question because many people drink coffee and occasionally spill. The simple answer is yes it does stain clothing and it can be one of the hardest stains to get out of clothing. We are going to look at how to remove some of these stubborn coffee stains.

Removing Coffee Stains

If you are experiencing a fresh coffee stain you will first want to try cold water. If you get to the stain soon enough this is all you should need.

  • Simply run cold water through the BACK of the stain. The water that has mixed with the coffee needs to travel through the least amount of the clothing as possible so make sure you are rinsing form the back. Run water over the stain for about ten minutes or until the water is running clear. If you are unable to fully remove the stain try the next step below.

If you are unable to clear the stain with just cold water use a small amount of liquid laundry detergent on the spot. Rub it on the stain gently and then add a small amount of cold water into the stain. If you are unable to get to liquid detergent simple liquid dish soap will work as well.

  • Once detergent is rubbed onto the stain let it sit for three to five minutes. You can let it sit for longer if you want to but make sure that the spot does not dry. If the spot dries it will make the stain harder to remove.
  • If you have older coffee stains you are going to soak the clothing in water after you apply the detergent. If this is the route you are taking rub the stained fabric every five minutes to lessen the stain. Use your thumb and fingers to do this. Keep doing this for thirty minutes. Check the stained area.
  • If your stain is still there try soaking your clothing article for five to fifteen minutes in a warm water. After this rinse thoroughly.

If you are still struggling with your coffee stain mix powdered laundry detergent with an equal part of white vinegar. Also use water with this mixture until it is turned into a paste.

  • Before using this mixture test it on your clothing item to make sure it doesn’t discolor the fabric. You will then use a toothbrush to apply the mixture and scrub. Rinse when stain is gone.

The last step you can take is applying a stain removing spray or a stain remover gel.

  • Once this is applied let it stand for about five to ten minutes. After time is up, wash how you would normally wash this piece of clothing. (Gel stain remover is good because it coats both sides of your stain. This will then penetrate into the fibers deep inside the clothing.)

Extra Tips

  • Always make sure coffee stain is fully removed before drying your clothing. If you dry your clothing with coffee stained on it, it is almost impossible to remove the stain.
  • These steps for clothing will most likely work on a carpet as well. So, if you are one who has spilled on carpet use these steps too!