Does Creatine Increase Testosterone?

Creatine is a supplement mostly targeting people inside the world of sports and weight-lifting. It is known for increasing your body’s capacity to endure training and increase your muscle and strength capabilities, but, does Creatine increase testosterone? For many, this may be the case, since Creatine is like the best supplement to improve your physical performance when doing physical activities such as sports or weight-lifting. Creatine is proven to improve your athletic performance overall. When it comes to weight-lifting, studies proved a 16 to 43% percent performance improve.

There’s a substantial prove that Creatine during weight lifting training increases how much weight and work you can do, thus leading to an increasement in both your strength and muscle gain.

Researchers start to wonder whether Creatine could indirectly increase Testosterone levels due the fact that it increased physical performance in men, thus, the myth of Creatine increasing Testosterone was created.

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But does it increase Testosterone?

A study done in 2006 gathered 33 male subjects and grouped them in three different groups. The first group was the one on Creatine, the second group intake Creatine plus Beta-Alanine and the third one had placebo instead.

All three groups underwent regular resistance-training and weight lifting regimes.

Differing from the second and the third group, the first group which only consumed Creatine, had a 22% increasement in Testosterone levels.

Although the scientists under the analysis couldn’t properly explain why this happened, the link between Creatine and Testosterone   was created.

Some experts claim that Creatine does not only increase Testosterone, but a stronger form of Testosterone known as Dihydrotestosterone (Also known as DHT)

A similar study was done to check on this and the results varied. After 14 days of studying the effects of Creatine in 20 college-aged rugby players intaking 25/mg of Creatine per day, they noticed that Testosterone levels did increase, yet balanced out after 14 days. The interesting thing is that DHT increased by 57% after 7 days and remained on 40% after 14 days.

The benefits of DHT are pretty similar to Testosterone itself. Since DHT and Testosterone levels are pretty linked, they both work in unison.

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The effects of Testosterone include:

  • Increase in protein absorption and synthesis
  • Muscle and strength gain
  • Overall feeling of energy
  • Burning fats become easier
  • Increase in male traits such as hair growth, deep voice and sexual libido.
  • Reduction of stress and depression or anxiety.
  • Boosts self-confidence and focus.

Some people claim that DHT can be up to 3 times stronger than testosterone, bringing more benefits to one’s body. Having too much DHT can be harmful, though, but reaching this point can be quite difficult and may not happen  if you don’t exceed the recommended amount of Creatine.

Creatine also have more benefits than only increasing your muscle and strength gain. It does not only improve your performance when training and weight-lifting, but increases your muscle regeneration and boosts your muscle cells, producing more energy. It supports many muscle features, speeds the muscle growth process, and can help in lowering sugar levels and fighting diabetes.  For some people, it has also been proven to reduce fatigue and tiredness.

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