Does Cycling Increase Height?

Does cycling increase height” is a very common question among people who are looking to add an inch or two to their vertical standing, and we’re here to shed some light to that topic.

Cycling, as a physical activity, is very rigorous. It can burn out fat pretty fast. Additionally, it comes with many psychological benefits as well. However, as for whether it can increase height, well, cycling can promote height growth, but it alone can’t cause it.

How Does Cycling Increase Height?

There are two main factors that affect height growth. The first is genetics. If your family has a history of above average height, you’re most likely going to be just as tall as they are as well if not taller. The other is your age. It’s impossible to grow taller once you hit a certain age. Well, technically, you can still grow, but the difference is marginal.

Just around the type you hit puberty in your teenage years is when you’ll want to start cycling. This is when most people experience height growth. Regular exercise at this point in your life will allow you to achieve your maximum height possible. Add in a good nutrition and a proper diet and your height growth goes up by a lot.

What Can You Expect from Cycling?

Your height isn’t the only thing that benefits from cycling. Even if cycling doesn’t lead to any noticeable gains in your height, there are several benefits to regularly doing this kind of exercise.

This includes:

  • A better-toned body with tight and strong muscles, as well as a more imposing figure that can make you look taller than you really are.
  • Improved strength on your cardiac muscles that allows you to breathe and move better.
  • The constant stress on your body and your lungs can make your lungs become stronger and function better.

More importantly, by choosing to cycle over other means of transportation, you’re benefitting the environment. You’re not adding to the pollution because your mode of transportation is cleaner and greener. Not only that, but because bikes are virtually silent, you help cut down on the noise pollution in your area.

As you can see, cycling alone doesn’t increase your weight. Instead, it is the result of a combination of multiple factors. But, even if that’s the case, there are plenty of reasons why you should take cycling a lot more seriously. It’s a hobby worth taking going forward that anyone of any age can take up.

With a proper and nutritious diet composed of a healthy mix of lean meat, healthy greens, and good fat, cycling can allow teenagers to achieve their maximum height growth potential while also paving the way for them to live a more disciplined lifestyle going forward.

Even just by cycling for an hour at a brisk 12-14 mhp speed a few times a week can help boost your body’s metabolism considerably, resulting into you becoming fitter and looking taller, while also enjoying the many other benefits that come with it.