Does Edging Increase Testosterone?

Edging is a rather controversial topic, but many have claimed that it does actually benefit you in several ways, but, does edging increase testosterone? According to several men who have tried this in both the short-term and the long-term, it does actually increase testosterone, bringing with it a heavy lot of benefits.

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What is edging?

Firstly, explaining what edging is seems like an appropriate thing to do. Edging is the act of masturbating without ejaculating (or orgasming, since it can be practiced by women too)

The way it works is rather simple. The act of preventing orgasms increase testosterone because of masturbation. Orgasming reduces it by a little bit. With this said, ejaculation does increase estrogen in both women and men, no matter whether it was caused by masturbation or sex intercourse. Although orgasms do reduce levels of testosterone, the act of edging increases it and the practice of edging turned into a popular way to maintain testosterone levels in men.

Many believe that testosterone is more important in men than estrogen, since estrogen is well known as the women’s hormones. This can be a rather dangerous assumption due to the fact that having low estrogen levels, even in men, can cause several problems in the long-term run. However, having more estrogen than testosterone is problematic too, thus, balancing the two of them is highly recommended.

Why do orgasms reduce testosterone levels?

Remember what we said earlier? That orgasms increased estrogen? Well, as estrogen increases within your body, testosterone levels are meant to decrease. Its like diluting lemon juice with water. The more you add water to it, the weaker the juice becomes. Still! You need water to make some really nice juice, so, estrogen is still necessary for men.

The problem comes when excessive masturbation (with orgasms) is a regular thing in your life. The levels of estrogen rise way too much for it to be healthy, and it reduces your level of testosterone.

With this said, explaining how testosterone affects our body will somewhat explain why we need it.

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Benefits of testosterone and edging.

  • Testosterone increases energy overall.
  • It increases muscle mass, thus increasing strength. It also makes it easier to get muscle mass while exercising.
  • Improves sexuality, libido and reduces the chance of suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.
  • If Edging is practiced properly, not only testosterone levels will increase, but your effectiveness in bed will also increase considerably. You’ll last longer and orgasms will be much stronger.
  • It can boost your motivation and self-confidence.
  • Improves your skin health and increases your hair growing ratio.
  • Helps you burn fats.
  • Increases your bone density, reducing the chances of osteoporosis.
  • Improves blood flow.

Now you can tell how lacking testosterone can affect your body.

Nevertheless, too much testosterone can cause several side effects to your body, so is not recommended to overextend it. Balancing both testosterone and estrogen is the way to go!

If you want to practice edging now, you do it like this: masturbate for a 20 minutes session without ejaculating. A good way to do it is measuring the level of pleasure and excitement while you do it, from 1 to 10. Start from 1, increase to 5, then go 7, then go back to 4 then 8. 6 again and go up until you reach 9. Then go back to level 3 while slowing the pace. If you need to stop, stop! And if you feel like is too hard to not orgasm while going to point 9, try a lower number! Keep doing this for a 20 minutes session daily, and after one week you’ll start noticing the benefits!

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