Does Endometriosis Cause Weight Gain?

Endometriosis is a disease (also considered as a disorder) that affects a women’s body in several ways. Does endometriosis cause weight gain? This is a common question among those who suffer from this disorder, and the answer to this question is: yes, is it highly possible that endometriosis cause weight gain.

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What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is growing of tissue that lines the uterus in several part of the body, varying heavily in each person. Its effects also depend on each individual, but they are relatively similar between those who are affected by it.

Weight gain is one common effect that comes with endometriosis, along with pelvic pain, mood changes and imbalanced hormones. It also may cause bloating and breast tenderness in some women. Bleeding may become more severe depending on each one, too. As said earlier, symptoms vary considerably in each individual.

Although weight gain is not related to endometriosis by some experts, the number of women claiming the contrary is enough to make it a fair statement.

This may come due to the disorder itself, but also the medication taken to treat it. Since the treatment mostly targets your hormones and menstrual cycle (birth control pills) it reduces the effects of endometriosis, but increases weight. This has been reported by several women under hormonal treatment.

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How to deal with it.

In regards of the weight, some women have said that it became worse after prolonged intake of hormonal pills. Some have even said that in the long-run, hormonal pills such as birth control pills start to lose effect and the increase in weight became unbearable.

Thus, here are some ways to deal with weight gain.

(Take in mind that these possible solutions should be consulted with your doctor, not only that, but any change in your life-style should be considered to be discussed with your doctor since it can change endometriosis’s effects greatly)

  • Diet: Making a balance diet has proved to work in some women. Eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. Reducing the intake of fried food, sugars and salt work wonders too. In case it’s hard for you to diet, hiring a nutritionist could be your answer.
  • Exercises: Yes! Exercises on a regular basis is something that should be done by everyone. By sticking to a regimen of at least 150-200 minutes per week, adding up to 50 minutes of heavy activities, have proven to work along diet in a magnificent wait. Some of the recommended things to do include stretching, jogging and yoga. Starting slow and increasing the rate of exercises is a good way to start. Don’t be hard on yourself if you find it too hard at the beginning. The idea is to make your body feel used to physical activities then keep on climbing.

Is it crucial to be compassionate towards yourself and not to beat your own body with unrealistic expectations. Start slowly, steady and confident. The key to success is to have the will and strength to keep on trying.

Nevertheless, if your symptoms are worse than described and you feel like you need more help, seeking other possible

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