Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size?

Most women would probably love to know the answer to the question, “does Fenugreek increase breast size?”.

If you’re one of those who are wondering the same thing, then have we got good news for you – it is actually possible for Fenugreek to help increase breast size.

It’s not a sure thing, but, at the very least, it is better than nothing.

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How Does Fenugreek Increase Breast Size?

Known by many names, from “Fenigreek” to “Greek hay” and more, Fenugreek is, by no means, a modern invention. In fact, the plant has been used by civilizations many of hundreds of years ago as medicine, from the Romans to the Greeks, and pretty much every other civilization in between.

Before people started asking if Fenugreek can help increase breast size and reduce the waist line, it was used by previous civilizations for the following purposes:

  • For arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  • To help reduce high levels of cholesterol.
  • To help lower blood sugar and prevent Type 2 diabetes.
  • To help with a number of female health ailments.

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That last part is incredibly part. You see, Fenugreek seeds contain an estrogen-substitute known as dioesgenin. In the past, women would eat Fenugreek seeds to help alleviate a number of gynecological conditions, including but not limited to, water retention and weight gain.

Estrogen, for those who missed out on their early biology class, is the female sex hormone responsible for essentially turning a little girl into a full-grown woman. Production of estrogen ramps up in women by the time they hit puberty, which is why they start ovulating, having more pronounced hips, and start growing boobs. However, by the time a young lady hits 19 years old, estrogen stops working in a way that it helps increase your bust size.

So, the average woman will have to live with the bust size that they had when they were 19 years old. However, with Fenugreek, your body is tricked into thinking that it’s still necessary for your breasts to keep on growing.

But, keep in mind that one of the main uses of Fenugreek isn’t to increase breast size, but rather, to help induce lactation. As a phytoestrogen, Fenugreek is often used in combination with Premarin and blessed thistle to help women who have problems lactating naturally, or who want to help out a related baby by serving as a wet nurse.

“Induced lactation” is not unusual and it happens all of the time. Fenugreek is also not the only the type of plant that’s been shown to help induce lactation in women.

Either way, fenugreek should be safe for consumption for women (and men) of all ages. If you simply want to drink or eat it, then it’s completely up to you. In general, fenugreek is great for the human body as long as it’s consumed in normal amounts. But, if you plan on taking fenugreek as a medication and at a higher consumption rate than you usually would when normally eating it, then you might want to consult your doctor or pharmacist first.

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