Does Gatorade Help with Hangovers?

When we go out drinking, we end up hungover, so does Gatorade help with hangovers in 2018? The simple answer is yes. Gatorade is full of things your body needs and can help a hangover.

Why do we get Hungover?

Many of us know what it feels like to be hungover but are not aware why we feel this way. When you are consuming too much alcohol, your body is considered toxic. Because of this, your body is unable to remove the main culprits. The main toxins are high levels of ethanol which is the alcohol and the alcohol’s first metabolite which is acetaldehyde. Basically, your body is taking the toxins from your alcoholic drink and your body simply cannot work fast enough to detoxify your body.

When you stop drinking your body has absorbed much of the alcohol that you have consumed without fully being able to dilute it properly. Without diluting your alcohol properly your body then turns to other ways to rid yourself of the toxins. This is why many people dry heave or vomit after drinking. There is no magic cure for hangovers but there are some things that will help alleviate the pain.

Sleep it Off

It is recommended that if you are hungover to simply stay in bed until the room has stopped spinning. If you are hungover you may want to just keep the lights off and keep your head under covers. Sleeping is one of the best methods for a hangover. If you sleep till later in the afternoon you are more likely able to continue the rest of the day normally. Alcohol takes a long time to run through your body and your systems, when you rest your body is able to function quicker and do what it needs to do.

Your blood alcohol content is what makes you hungover. Note that one drink will leave your system in about an hour. If your blood alcohol content is very high from a night of drinking it may take up to ten hours to return to zero. Sleeping helps you avoid this pain.

Gatorade & Small Salty Snack

Many people have asked the question does Gatorade help with a hangover? The answer is yes. Gatorade is full of electrolytes. This is very useful to help replenish your body with the good rather than the bad. While you are sipping the Gatorade, you may also want to eat some chips or crackers. With the mix of electrolytes, salt, and carbohydrates you will feel better in no time.

When you are drinking Gatorade you are replenishing all the water your body loses after a night of drinking. Now, besides Gatorade, what does salty snacks do? The snacks will help stabilize your stomach and get you to crave more water. Salt increases thirst. Alcohol dehydrates your body. While Gatorade replenishes that water and gives your body electrolytes. The more Gatorade you drink the faster the alcohol will be flushed out of your system. This then restores the body’s natural water balance. Not only does it help the body it helps get that nasty aftertaste out of your mouth.