Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

There is no simple or straight answer to does hair gel cause hair loss. The answer depends on the exact type of hair gel you use, the brand you have picked, how you use the gel and many other factors. Hair gel is not a new cosmetic product. It is over a hundred years old. Hair gel has evolved in due course of time, like all other styling products. Today, hair gel is not just for fashion but also hair care. There are hair gels that can fight dandruff, prevent hair thinning and even make hair stronger or more lustrous.

Hair Gel and Hair Loss

Hair gel is now available as creams or liquids, sprays and wax. There are different types of gels, some offering a wet look while some make your hair look crunching. Hair gel usually contains vinyl monomers, disodium, carbomer, fragrance, glycerin, diazolidinyl urea, benzophenone and of course water. There are neutralizers such as aminomethyl propanol. Companies use different formulas and hence the list of ingredients vary. Some companies do not disclose every ingredient because the compositions are patented. You can buy hair gel, wax, pomade, clay, paste, cream, mousse, serum, spray or powder. Let us explore the usual side effects of these products.

Hair gel can dehydrate your hair because of the alcohol in the product. Some chemicals in hair gels can be corrosive. As the moisture dips in your scalp, there may be reduced production of sebum or essential oils. Your hair may become unmanageable and frizzy with some products, especially if it is naturally rough and dry. Although hair gel would help make your unmanageable hair manageable, the natural hair without the product may remain frizzy and might get more complicated to handle. Cosmetic products may interfere with the natural nutrients that your hair must get in order to be healthy. Pores on your skin on the scalp may get blocked if you do not clean hair gel. If you do not take proper care, then your hair gel may lead to breakage and hair loss is a possibility.

Hair gel does not cause hair loss if you follow the best practices. You should keep your hair and scalp clean before applying hair gel. You should shampoo your hair and scalp, make sure you do not have dandruff or any excessive dryness, even excess oil is bad and you should never apply any cosmetic product if there is any hair or scalp condition you are suffering from.

Do not go to sleep with your hair gel on because the stiffness or the ingredients in the product will cause greater friction when you roll over your pillow and this will lead to more hair breakage. Some hair strands may break away from the follicles. Whether you experience hair breakage or strands falling off the follicles, you would be encountering hair loss so you need to identify the exact cause. Is it the product or how you are using the product that is causing hair loss?