Does Heartburn Get Worse Right Before Labor?

With many women getting ready to have a baby, a common question of does heartburn get worse right before labor in 2018 is asked. Heartburn, while common during pregnancy, does not get worse before labor. In fact, it may even get better!


When you are pregnant you have to trust your body when you are about to go into labor. Your body was built to carry, nourish, and deliver your baby. You should trust your body because it was built to do this. However, some factors that may affect the course of a labor could include your health, nutrition, size as well as shape of the pelvis. Size and presentation of the baby as well as your educational preparation for birth are also things that could affect the course of labor. The practicing of the exercises and breathing techniques will come in handy when in labor. While you are in labor, the emotional support as well as medical help you receive will also greatly affect the course of labor.

Is this Labor?

While all women experience labor, there are no two that are alike. No one is able to predict exactly what your labor will be like or even when it will begin. However, before labor you may notice signs that are telling you that labor is coming. Always make sure to discuss labor signs with your doctor. Many first-time mothers are in the hospital more than once with what is called early labor. You will be sent home but there is no need to feel embarrassed. However, walking, showering, resting, drinking fluids, as well as a few other things may be helpful.

Labor Will be Soon

  • An ease in breathing, relief from heartburn, or being able to eat larger portions than normal is a common sign that labor will be coming very soon.
  • Baby will drop or engage into the pelvis. This is called lightening.
  • Abdomen looks lower and more protruding because the baby is getting ready for labor and to be introduced into the world
  • Increased backache/awkward walking/ increased frequency of urination
  • Bowel movement increase – within 48 hours of labor to clear the lower bowel
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Increased Braxton-Hicks contractions (Usually call for a false labor). This can be common for up to two weeks before labor.
  • There may be what people call a bloody show. This would be the release of brown, pink, or blood-tinged mucus from dilation. Dilation is the thinning and opening of the cervix which causes the mucus plug to be released.
  • Nesting instinct. Nesting instinct is a sudden burst of energy. This usually happens about 24-48 hours before labor. A woman might feel a strong urge to clean the house and prepare for the arrival of their baby. However, try not to tire yourself as this is done naturally to give you extra energy during labor. Do not overexert yourself.
  • It is extremely common to level in weight or even lose weight before labor. It is common for someone to lose one to three pounds of fluid before labor will begin as a result of hormones.
  • The mother to be just feels different. She may not feel like herself.
  • The bag of water may break. How it feels will depend where the amniotic sac has  broken. For some if feels like a gush for some and uncontrolled trickle of fluid from the vagina.