Does Hemp Get You High?

Hemp has been one of the latest crazes, however, does hemp get you high in 2018? Hemp can be consumed in many different ways. Hemp can be made into tea, used as the CBD oil component, or even just generally smoked. However, it is not going to get you high. The THC levels found in hemp is minimal and will not get you high.

Hemp Tea

Tea originated in ancient times in Asia. It is traditionally prepared with tea leaves. However, if you steep hemp leaves this does the job just as well.

Hemp tea is known for its greenish color. This is because the plant is growing and maturing longer than other plants. In fact, the plant is harvested when the CBD levels are at their highest levels.

You will not have to worry about THC because the hemp plant contains only a 0.2 percent or less. When the concentration of THC is this small you will never feel any kind of high or difference after consuming the product.

Hemp Tea…Just Tea?

The hemp leaves come from seedless hemp bud that have been on the ground. What else could these leaves be good for? Yes, you can smoke it! Hemp is ideal to replacing tobacco. Hemp has an earthy taste that will taste better than your cigarette.

It is important that you remember that the hemp buds do not contain THC. You will not get high from smoking the hemp tea leaves. Hemp leaves only contain CBD which is legal and will not get you high.

For many people, hemp leaves have actually helped them quit smoking the harmful tobacco. While tobacco can harm you and cause cancers and other diseases, hemp actually has many benefits. Hemp helps with chronic pain, anxiety, and many other things.

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD

Hemp CBD oil is completely legal because it is from the hemp plant which produces maximum CBD concentration and a low concentration of THC. The THC that is found in the hemp CBD is negligible which basically means nonexistent. This means you will not experience a high.

If you are located in a state where marijuana is legal you may find marijuana CBD oil which has a higher concentration of THC and will cause a high.

However, because marijuana is illegal in many states it is more than likely you will find hemp CBD. Hemp CBD is going to cause an array of positive effects for you.


Hemp is a plant that is harvested when the CBD is at its highest. This is also when the THC is at its lowest as well. Hemp is not going to get you high because the levels of THC are barely evident. You can smoke hemp just for the benefits, use the CBD oil from hemp, and even use hemp as a tea. The benefits of hemp are unbelievable and will help many people who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. People have even quit cigarettes because they started smoking hemp which is so much better for a person than tobacco.