Does HGH Increase Testosterone

Both HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone, and Testosterone, are two hormones that play key roles when it comes to your overall health along growth and aging process. What people don’t know is that these two hormones are related, thus they wonder: does HGH increase Testosterone? The answer is yes. According to research, HGH does increase Testosterone by increase its production levels when released in the bloodstream.

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But there’s something people usually ignore: They both work in synergy. While HGH can actually increase Testosterone production, increased Testosterone levels do increase HGH in the system. Since they both work together to bring natural benefits to the body, during puberty, they play a key role in the development process.

HGH is a hormone produced by a gland known as the pituitary gland, a gland that has a wide level of effects in the body. By travelling in the bloodstream, it reaches the liver and stimulates the production of an important growth factor 1, also known as IGF-1, an insulin-like growing factor. Along other growth factors, this process directly impacts and boosts cell growth and regeneration, along DNA synthesis.

Testosterone also plays a roll during growth, since it can heavily boost protein synthesis, muscle mass gain, and sexual health along metabolism. This, along HGH, is necessary to growth healthy and strong.

Also, during adulthood, it is normal for athletes and active people wanting to increase both their HGH and Testosterone levels since its benefits do increase their performance during training regimes. It also increases their overall endurance, energy and how their muscles heal themselves. That’s why they consume nutritional or natural supplements which can increase their HGH and Testosterone levels: to maintain a healthy body during their training regimes.

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But… Is it actually safe to combine both HGH and Testosterone boosters at the same time?

People looking to increase their performance as athletes, slow their aging process and increase their endurance tend to choose one of both, with HGH being the one people prefer when it comes to supplementation. This is because HGH has more benefits when it comes to overall health, and it also increases Testosterone levels by its own. Along increases Testosterone production, HGH regulates several growth factors which directly impact how our growth cells develop and regenerate.

Many people also prefer to increase their Testosterone levels with HGH due some side effects related to Testosterone supplementation. According to research, if you excessively increase your Testosterone levels you may increase the risk of suffering from prostate cancer. Some people may suffer from hormonal acne and gynecomastia, which is the definition of development of male breast in men.

This means that, although Testosterone is a beneficial hormone, like most hormones it has to be regulated and working in balance with other hormones. Making Testosterone exceed their balanced levels will result in unwanted side effects.

Both HGH and Testosterone supplementation.

For those wanting to use supplements for both HGH and Testosterone, it is recommended to check yourself on a medic and let it decide whether you can enjoy both supplementations at the same time. It is usually only done by healthy adults, and it can trigger several benefits to muscle gain, fat loss, and significantly boost endurance, strength and performance.

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