Does Homework Cause Stress?

In the modern world the following question has been showing up quite a lot: does homework cause stress? In fact, many researches have concluded that it does not only cause stress, but reduce student’s performance by a mast amount. Really, the amount of homework can heavily impact a student’s life, but it all comes down to how much work they are meant to do and how much they are actually getting.

In fact, research have claimed that most children in elementary school undergo three times the recommended amount of homework. It does not only generate stress, but several other harmful factors such as sleep deprivation which leads to a lack of motivation, family discussions and bad performance during school.

College students are also suffering from this specific topic.

Many universities and colleges are investigating a more proper way to deal with homework without pressing their students too much with assignments, since they have to deal with getting high-scores and worry about their future. Some students have to work to help pay fees while they study and homework is one thing that stress their lives quite a lot.

Also, the idea of proving one’s worth by doing homework increases the pressure society puts over a student’s shoulder, increasing its anxiety, which may lead to things like depression, difficulties to interact with people and poor life choices.

The worst thing about all this?

If we measure the amount of benefits and the number of disadvantages homework brings, we will understand that they are heavily unbalanced. Homework is somewhat related to building up a sense of responsibility and discipline, which in some cases, may work. Still, this is yet to be proven since homework is more of a “way to do things”, like a custom in regards of studying. Just something usual to do.

But! The disadvantages of homework are now more visible than ever, and the fact that many researchers are looking for a way to deal more properly with it is true.

There are some statements online about teachers that decided to do their own research (approved by their schools) to undergo a year without homework at all.

By not putting this pressure to her students, the teacher recommended parents to spent time with their children and teach them things that can only be learn outside school. To let them interact with other kids, play around and build up hobbies that could lead to understanding themselves.

This brought a lot of changes to the classroom itself, making students more likely to be active during classes, interested in the topics discussed and even enjoining more going to school.

Research have claimed, in the early age, children learn things way faster than when older. This time could be spent by learning new things to do, discovering things, increasing one’s understanding towards things, improving family relationships, along many things. Instead, a lot of time is lost with homework, and it even affects their sleep!

For children, the recommended hours of sleep go from 8 to 10 hours. A research discovered that many students, from elementary school to high school, have been only sleeping up to 6 hours!

Also, frustrated parents with student’s scores are a usual thing to find out there. Homework may be one of the main reasons behind family problems and discussions when children are related to homework, and this leads to asocial behavior and untrusting bonds within family members.

Let’s hope people get to understand that there are better ways to do things, and sticking to the usual is not always the way to go!