Does Honey Make You Fat?

One of the biggest questions about honey is does honey make you fat in 2018? The answer is yes and no. It depends on what type of honey you are purchasing and consuming.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is honey that is very minimally processed. Honey will contain many vitamins such as:

  • B1
  • B2
  • C
  • B6
  • B3

The quantities of these vitamins vary based on the quality of the nectar and pollen that the bees have used. However, you are not going to get the amount you are going to need daily by simply consuming honey.

Processed Honey

Just like any other natural substances, honey is being mass-produced. When natural substances are mass produced, they are less healthy. Those mass-producers are always finding ways to make naturally occurring products less healthy by processing them.

Processed honey is known to have added sugars to them. There are also preservatives that make its shelf life last longer. Shelf life is how long a product can stay on the shelves before it goes bad. This is also done so it can be sold as cheap as possible. This means that it was made very cheaply as well. Mass-producers make for less so they can sell for less and sell more.

Using processed honey is more likely to cause weight gain rather than raw honey. If possible, purchase raw honey locally.

Honey Facts

Honey surprisingly has more calories than regular sugar. A tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories as regular sugar has 48 calories. However, honey has a sweeter taste than sugar so you will use less than you would sugar.

A study preformed in 2008 by the Journal of Food and Science found that rats fed with a honey sweetened diet had gained a whopping 23 percent less weight than those who were fed food that was sweetened with refined sugar.

If you are going to use honey as a sweetener you will simply have to watch your quanity. If you are actually wanting to lose weight.

Even though honey is a great substitute for a sweetener, do not give it to a child younger than one. Raw honey can but rarely contains spores of botulism. Botulism is a bacterium that a baby’s incomplete immune system cannot handle. This could make the child very sick and cause death if not treated properly because an infant’s immune system is not yet developed. Do not worry it will not harm adults or children over one.


Honey is a great replacement for your everyday sweetener needs if it is raw. Raw honey is going to be your best bet because it is not processed. In fact, honey bought locally from farmers is going to be better for you than honey sold in stores. Store bought honey is going to be processed and full of additives.

Honey is not going to burn fat but it is going to be a great replacement for coffee sweetener and tea. It can even be used in baking as a replacement to sugar. However, use honey sparingly as it does have more calories than refined sugar.