Does HRT Help with Weight Loss?

There are several ways to lose weight. What people don’t know is that as you get older, hormones tend to imbalance, thus greatly reducing our bodies capability to lose weight and bur fats. This is when HRT (Also known as Hormone Replacement therapy) becomes useful, but does HRT help with weight loss? According to several studies, it does help losing weight in both men and women. But understanding the causes behind your inability to lose weight and how HRT can help you fix this problem might help in deciding whether to go for it or not.

Hormones play a key role in how body acts and functions. The biggest changes in our body and our body’s composition are when puberty reaches its peak, and hormones are the ones deciding the changes we go through during puberty. Hormones can decide several things, like how deep our voices are, how much hair we grow, how tall we become, and how much weight we win or lose during puberty. It also can cause things like weight gain, acne, and even mood. An unbalance in hormones is pretty rough, but more common than people thing.

In fact, according to studies, people lose about 1% of their hormones with each passing year. This is the reason behind menopause (A reduction of Estrogen and Progesterone in women) and andropause (A reduction of Testosterone in men)

HRT and how it works.

What Hormone Replacement Therapy does is fix this unbalance between hormones which causes problems to our overall health. What it does is replenish the hormones we have lost through the years, but thing is: not all hormones are replenished equally. In fact, there are two ways of doing HRT but experts recommend bioidentical hormones since they are pretty much similar to biological hormones produced by the body. These are created to have the same structure as our hormones, and rarely show side effects within people.

Hormones can vary heavily in functions, yet the ones regarding weight loss (And used in HRT) are:

  • Testosterone: This hormone is produced in both women and men, yet is more present in men. This hormone has the ability to increase the way our body deals with fats, thus increasing our body’s capability to burn fat through exercises.
  • Estrone: This form of helps women have more control when it comes to appetite and sugar craving, and also reduces anxiety caused by hunger.
  • Progesterone: This works pretty similar to Testosterone, but for women. It enhances the body’s capability to burn fat and reduces risk of overeating.
  • DHEA: This hormone boosts metabolism thus increases weight loss and preventing fat storage within the body.
  • Insulin: This one helps regulate fat metabolism, and causes an increasement of glucose absorption in the liver and muscles.

If you are aiming to lose weight after undergoing a Hormone Replacement Therapy, you’ll also have to add some life-style changes like diet, and regular exercises, since what HRT does is increasing our capabilities to lose weight, it does not make us lose weight without putting some effort to it.