Does Lemon Water Break a Fast?

Many of those who fast want some flavor in their life with lemon, but the question is does lemon water break a fast in 2018? The answer is no unless it is filled with sugar or other substances. We are going to look into the good options during a fast and those that are not so good while you are fasting.

Lemon Water vs. Fast

You are allowed to drink water during a fast because there are no calories, but can you drink lemon water? Yes, you can as long as you are using leaves. You can put lemon leaves into your water which will have zero effect on your blood sugar, which in return will not break your fast.

You should know that lemons as well as other citrus fruits contain calories. Many fruits contain something called fructose which will stimulate your liver in a way that will break your fasted state. However, this all depends on the amount of lemons you are using or eating. If you are using one or two slices of lemon then your fasting state will remain the same. More could cause you to absorb too much of the fructose and therefore breaking your fast.

If you were to simply put the lemons in the water without squeezing them empty then you are not going to break your fast. The lemon holds the fructose inside its cellular matrix and does not release the fructose into the liquid. You will not be absorbing fructose if you are simply putting the lemons in your water without squeezing.

Generally drinking lemon flavored water will not break a fast. Keep in mind though, that lemon juice or sugar-filled lemon sports drinks will break a fast very quickly.

Lemon Juice Vs. Fast

You can drink lemon juice in small small quantities and it will have no effect on your blood sugar, which in return does not break the fast. However, in large quantities, lemon juice is just more calories. Calories are coming from fructose. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver and eventually will get stored as liver glycogen.

Your liver glycogen status is what is determining whether or not you are in a fasted state. If the liver is full of glycogen then you are not in a fasting state as your body has enough nutrients. This tells your cells that there is no need to burn fat.

Keep in mind that a cup of lemon juice has sixty calories. These calories are all coming from the fructose. This is defiantly enough calories to break a fast. If you are consuming more than ten to twenty calories in a single sitting it will break your fast.

Benefits of Lemon Water While Fasting

Although in larger quantities lemon water can break a fast, in smaller quantities it can actually benefit your fast. Lemon water will make the digestive enzymes to stimulate the liver and gut. It also helps with kidneys and blood sugar. Lemon water/juice has very good effects on the body. You can use one or two tablespoons in your water without it breaking a fast.