Does Lemon Water Help with Weight Loss?

In order to lose weight, people can try out several things, desperately trying to burn down those pounds and improve their health. There are many who take advantage of this and decide to spread false information on how to lose weight. A nice example would be lemon: does lemon water help with weight loss? In short, drinking tons of lemon water won’t help you lose more weight. Some people even claim that drinking one cup of warm water with a squeezed lemon per day is enough to bring help your system lose more weight since it “can” cleanse your digestive system and enhance the way your body releases fat excess and toxins.

The truth.

This is an utter lie and the main reason behind the thought that lemon water does help with weight loss. Lemon water does not help with weight loss since what it does is provide your body with Vitamin C and hydrate your body. Although being hydrated can help with losing weight, that’s not the reason behind the though of lemon juice helping losing weight. Still, some people advice to drink more juice (even lemon juice or lemon water) if they find water to be too plain for their likes. This increases how much water you drink on a daily basis, and this will eventually result in your body having an easier time losing weight (but don’t expect a really big difference. It will be just like a little push)

Even the fact that people advice drinking warm lemon water is weird, since temperature does not affect at all. They say “warm water” does help by speeding up your metabolism and improving its performance. How warm or cold your water is will make no difference but how faster you drink it and how much you enjoy it.

How to use lemon water to lose weight

The only way lemon water can be of use in losing weight is by using it to replace drink or beverages, even snacks and sweets, with added sugar. Consuming added sugar is like the worst thing you can do if you are aiming to lose weight. Controlling your diet and doing exercises are key factors behind someone’s goals involving losing weight. We are not telling to stop eating added sugar at all but at least reducing how much added sugar you consume. Diet is probably the most important thing behind losing weight, and lemon water can be of help: try to drink more lemon water instead of stuff like coke and artificial beverages.

This does not only apply with lemon water, but you can also use add more fruits in your diet in order to stop eating stuff with excessive amounts of added sugar. Along this, becoming more active will play a key role in how many calories you burn through the day. In order to burn fat and reduce your weight, you have to create a calories deficit in which you burn more calories than you consume, and this is done by making some changes in your life-style like diet and exercises.