Does Losing Weight by Laser Work?

As new technologies are developed, new forms of losing weight appear, but, here’s the question: Does losing weight by laser work?

This new treatment that appeared out of nowhere seems rather too good to be real, but it does actually work… Somehow.

How does it work?

The laser therapy works with something called “cold laser”, which uses a really weak light to soft and liquify the fat within the body. You won’t feel a thing while going under this type of therapy, but it will actually soften the fat within your body in a way that will make it collapse, then you will naturally release it from your body. You will poop it afterwards…

But there’s more to it!

The therapy has only been done in the following areas: the waist, hips and thighs. Undergoing sessions of around 40 minutes, you will be lasered 20 minutes in the front and the same amount of time in the back of each zone. It is recommended to receive this therapy three times a week in deadlines of no more than 72 hours. Apparently, the fat inside your body will begin to refill itself if the process is not done correctly.

Results will pop out after two weeks of therapy!

But the real question is… Does it work?

If you expect to suddenly have the body of a model, you may discover that the results won’t be as magical as you expect.

It has been proven that the therapy actually helps you lose weight, but it won’t be something as significant as you may have expected, since that has tried this therapy has only lose about 5 inches of fat after two weeks, so you can make your own calculations.

And even so, many patients ended up regaining the lost weight after a couple of weeks.

The results of this therapy may vary depending on several things, such as your weight, the lifestyle you have and more importantly, the condition of your skin and the fat within your body.

People with overweight and loose skin may find out that this therapy is not actually the perfect fit for them, as results will not be as satisfying.

Should you try it out?

We highly recommend you that before trying this kind of therapy, you should research a little more, not only about the therapy itself, but about you.

This kind of therapy is rather expensive, and no one likes to spent a lot of money without results, so, before ending up greatly disappointed, why don’t you try checking yourself with a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

Researching online and asking on forums may be the perfect thing to do, too!

In the end, each people have its own, complex body, and another type of therapy may be a best fit for you!

Considering the prices of different types of treatments, and even considering hiring someone whom will help you lose weight may be a better option.

Remember what they say: Better safe than sorry!