Does Losing Weight Increase Girth?

Many men wanting to lose weight and also want to increase their size, so does losing weight actually increase girth in 2018? That answer is simple, no. You are not going to increase the girth of your penis by losing weight.  You are also not going to increase your girth by gaining weight either.

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Girth Vs. Length

You should understand that girth is the thickness or circumference of the penis. Length is obviously how long your penis is. Your girth is not going to increase due to weight loss. In fact, it might actually decrease your girth if you are losing weight depending on how much weight you are wanting to lose.

There is not much fat on the penis as there are on other body parts. Think of it this way, your penis is an organ, does your brain increase or decrease when you lose weight? No. You may find that you are worried your penis is going to be smaller length and girth wise. While you may lose some girth on your penis you may actually gain length.

You may gain length because you are losing flab that could hide away part of your penis. Not allowing the full penis to show and be used. It is common for a heavier man to lose weight and lose girth but actually gain length due to the flab being gone.

Sex Drive

While you may be losing girth, you are also helping your body out. When you lose weight, you feel more confident in your body. When you feel more confident your sex drive also increases. Plus, since your flab cover is gone you will most likely actually be longer in length. This also helps boost many men’s self-esteem.

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For those worried about losing girth while losing weight, it is recommended that you are hitting the gym and doing cardio. Cardio is great for toning muscles and losing weight. While you will be running you will also be toning muscles. As you should know, the penis is an organ which means it is a muscle.

Also keep in mind that you are losing the weight in the base of the penis which makes it look larger. If you are running and have less flab there your erections will have more blood flow. More blood flow to an erection will result in a larger looking penis. The better your cardiovascular health is the better erections you will be able to achieve. This is why cardio is recommended to improve your cardiovascular system.

When you are overweight you may have issues achieving an erection because your cardiovascular system is not functioning properly. This is because your body is already working so hard to pump blood to vital organs that your penis is not necessarily a vital organ. When you fix this issue and get your weight down and cardiovascular system healthier you will achieve better and more frequent erections.

Put it this way, you may lose girth but you also will gain length. If you are improving your cardiovascular system, your penis may seem larger because you are achieving a full erection.

Best Way to Increase Girth?

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