Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger?

Many of us want to look our best and that usually means losing weight, but does losing weight make you look younger in 2018? Yes, losing weight will make you look younger especially if you are older and overweight. However, there are factors. When people grow older, they usually gain weight due to the metabolism slowing down. You can counteract the aging effect by losing weight slowly and toning your muscles. If you lose too much weight too fast you may have extra skin and wrinkles to deal with. Keep this in mind.


While losing weight has benefits there are some factors that come into play. If you are over 40 and you lose too much weight you actually may appear older. If you keep a few extra pounds around you may appear younger. However, if you are extremely overweight and lost weight in a healthy manner it may give you a youthful and toned look.

Your Face

When it comes to losing weight in your face there are many pros and cons. If you carry a significant amount of excess weight in your face, you may notice that your eyes are smaller looking and your jawline is defiantly less defined. When you lose weight, your eyes will widen and your jawline will become more defined which will leave you with a sharpened profile.

However, the downside of losing weight is that wrinkles actually may become more noticeable when they are not filled with extra fat. A natural effect of the aging process is the disappearance of fat pads under the eyes and without these pads your eyes can appear older.

Lose Weight Slowly

The way in which you lose weight can actually affect your appearance in a huge way. If you are extremely overweight and are wanting to lose a large amount of weight, and lose it rapidly, you are going to end up with excess skin. This will give your body and untoned and wrinkly appearance. Many people who lose over one hundred pounds chose to have a surgery to remove this skin. This will restore your youthful appearance.

If you are serious about keeping your youthful appearance go for a weight loss about one pound per week. This helps you avoid lose skin and keeps the bright youthful appearance.


When you are growing older you are losing muscle tone. One of the best ways to lose weight and create that youthful appearance is to exercise. You should lift weight to tone muscles. Engage in vigorous activities that will give your skin a youthful glow.

Exercise is not only going to give your body a youthful appearance, it has other great effects as you are growing older. Exercising has an anti-aging effect on your brain. It also will help influence how you see yourself. Exercising can help you feel younger as well. There is truth behind the saying look good feel good because the better you look the better you feel physically as well as mentally.